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Subscribe to this thread New Dreamkeepers Video Review Imminent! created by Kobalt95 on February 27, 2014

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Kobalt953/26/14 11:27am
Slight spoiler for the review:

Uh... At the end he said that it was the best webcomic he's ever read, and that it is his new favorite... Holy crap! Even I didn't expect him to say something like that, but I'm so glad he did!

Considering how many webcomics, comics, and manga he's read and follows- that's a pretty big compliment!!!

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MobileCrusader3/26/14 12:12pm
It made me all fuzzy inside. Really great perspective for just what Dave and Liz have gotten themselves into.

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WiseOwlReader3/27/14 7:12pm
Hopefully, this'll snowball in the next few weeks with Webcomic Relief's review. Maybe a decent European audience will arise from this.

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Salahir3/28/14 6:36am
For Germany I have the bad feeling that webcomics and comics in general are not that famous anymore. None of my friends, study and work colleagues just reads at least one. It's a matter of time, I think. They're not even reading normal books, if they aren't job related. PC games and/or sports until you suffer and probably die are famous. Is this a modern problem in general or is it just Germany?

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WiseOwlReader3/28/14 7:07am
I'd say it's a mixed bag kind of situation, Salahir. Searching for a gem of a webcomic on the internet is hard, and finding something that engages it's readers without bogging them down is another factor. Info dumps turn off people a good deal and can kind of be an insult to people instead of letting their own critical thinking fill in the blanks based off the information the characters talk about. Aside from that, there's a lot of stereotyping in regards to certain fandoms, like furries to give an example.

Most assume they're sexual deviants with a fetish, among other things, and people don't bother to correct their assumptions by conducting research. I've been to Anthrocon once and I met a slew of people with backgrounds in puppetry, artists, graphic designers, writers, songwriters and musicians. I think human beings in general tend to zero in on the negative aspect of a fandom and capitalize it as the representation of that group.

As for the few people that do read webcomics and what not, I'd imagine that the webcomic medium is part of an underground culture and is sustained by that small audience in particular.

And on your last sentence, I think it's more of a problem in general. The industry is more about the money in regards to the comic medium. Dave's blog explains it more in depth.

Maybe I can give an example to highlight the lack of interest in the comic/graphic novel medium. Back in the late eighties, Alan Moore used to work for DC comics. During his time there, he produced amazing works on Superman and Batman that contained amazing depth and thought which endure to this day. In particular, the Killing Joke remains herald as one of the best Batman-Joker stories of all time. Then "The Man Who Has Everything" was a Superman story that is considered one of the best Superman stories of all time.

V For Vendetta, released in 1989 was the year he left the comic industry to create an independent publishing company. The Watchmen was the nail in the coffin for him when DC comics scrounged up all the profits, only allowing the creators 2% of the overall profits.

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WiseOwlReader3/28/14 7:27am
As an expansion onto what happened after, Moore has every reason to be paranoid about the comic industry. They purchased the independent company he worked for and obtained the rights of the League of Extraordinary Men and destroyed an entire print run of his simply because it contained the word 'Marvel', so they don't antagonize their opposition.

I'm citing this example in particular because of the practices of the comic industry that have alienated potential audiences. DC comics and Marvel focus all so much on sequels and prequels to what they already have that they don't have a damned original idea with a fresh and new perspective.

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MobileCrusader3/28/14 7:37am
I turned to webcomics long ago to escape the trite nature of comic books.

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WiseOwlReader4/1/14 2:59pm
Good comic books are far and few in between. The essential story arcs have some depth to them and are certainly worth reading. To name a few titles: The Killing Joke, A Death in The Family, A Long Halloween, Hellblazer, Batman: Year One, the Sandman series.

Batman Year One is the only Frank Miller comic I'll read since it's said to be a pretty good piece of work. In my opinion he's scraping the barrel these days. That man's pretty violent in his depiction of the Dark Knight and he's been accused of being homophobic, misogynistic, and I think he spoke up on Occupy Wallstreet and insulted the people who were protesting.

Alan Moore is pretty much the only person I'll consider reading these days in the terms of graphic novels/comic books. I think I can see to an extent as to why he doesn't want to go back to his old work and touch base with them, like how DC comics offered back ownership to him if he'd write prequels and sequels to the back stories of The Watchmen.

He constantly challenges himself and what society views. Every piece of work he does he wants to break the limits and do something new and inventive, I mean he's come up with greats like V for Vendetta, the Watchmen, The Lost Girls.

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GodofVelcro4/2/14 8:35pm
To be honest, I have never heard of this guy before he was asked to do this review. I have watched a few other of his videos, and he really knows what he is talking about. Great for him and DK to have such a great review!

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MobileCrusader4/3/14 5:44am
His attempts at humor can be annoying, but his criticism is educational and his advice legitimate.

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