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Dreamkeepers Forums - Valentine's Day contest(We could use some more entries)

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Subscribe to this thread Valentine's Day contest(We could use some more entries) created by ezioauditore97 on February 11, 2014

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ezioauditore972/11/14 9:05am
I know it's a bit late to mention it yet if any of you have some time for it then I figured it would be worth mentioning the 2014 Valentine's Contest is up and we could use some more entries in the contest.
Thanks for viewing!

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dyingdutchman2/11/14 1:49pm
working on it

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Salahir2/11/14 1:52pm
Yeah, can't decide between three ideas, so I'm working on a Triptychon. A bit overdose, I fear, and time eating :/

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ezioauditore972/11/14 3:30pm
Thanks.Any entry entered in on time only helps add to the fun plethora of entries!

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zagura2/12/14 7:35pm
I'm pretty sure once its the day before there will be a ton of entries coming in like usual. >_>

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Animefan182/12/14 9:08pm
Just finished inking, all that's left is coloring, shading, and dialog

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grdeleo2/13/14 6:07pm
I got A drawing. I didn't even try. Just something i made with a simple pencil and paper.
I honestly think that it isn't really worth entering, i no good at art, but if you ever need anymore, ill enter it for the sake of the contest.

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MobileCrusader2/19/14 9:00pm
will the results ever be posted here?

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Prometheus2/19/14 9:24pm

Well, since this is for the dA fan group, I think it's only fitting that the results only be posted there! Someone could provide a link when they're in, though! :)

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MobileCrusader2/19/14 9:48pm
Ah. I see. I personally try to avoid DA as much as possible, so i doubt ill ever see it.

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