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Subscribe to this thread Net Neutrality Issue created by ZycantAlpha on January 18, 2014

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ZycantAlpha1/18/14 7:35pm
So, apparently earlier this week the government decided to reduce the limitations that the FCC can impose regarding Net Neutrality. Basically what Net Neutrality said (note the "said") that a company that provided an internet connection could not discriminate prices or browsing speeds by the person or company (or actually, they couldn't discriminate at all). That seems to no longer be the case, which is a major problem in my book.

I am really at a loss for words, mostly because how much it angers me. If you don't believe me or are skeptical (which would make sense), google "Net Neutrality" and there are article detailing more objective looks on it than I put here. I am willing to admit to the possibility of being wrong, but it seems a little unlikely from what I've seen (won't show exact links to avoid leading any more than I have). If nothing else, this feels like SOPA again. I'm primarily putting this up to try and spread any word about this and let others look this up since even if I am wrong, this warrants enough of a look for flag-raising alone.

If you have any opinions, feel free to put them here (even, or especially to correct me). I'm also putting a few links to some petitions/emails to try and get this reversed. I don't know how much it will help, but it's at least a start.

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AriaOutlander1/19/14 11:23am
Yes, for example, Verizon could ask Netflix to pay them money so they could be guaranteed good internet speed. If netflix denies, Verizon could throttle their connection to the internet, making Netflix look bad, instead of the real bad guy, verizon. They could ask the customer, but that would make them look bad. Nobody pays attention to this kinda stuff, if this is what it takes to get america off their asses-- losing netflix--, then so be it.

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ezioauditore971/20/14 3:25pm
I wonder how long it will take for companies to start exploiting this newly found loophole?

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CalicoYorki1/28/14 8:17pm
Alright, people, this is serious.

This could mean that Dave and Liz's site could go under.

It's easy to make an account. You only really need a US zipcode to make an account. You can sign the petition in one click.

Sign it, and tell five people. Tell them how easy it is. Tell them to tell five people. Tell them to tell those five people, to tell five more people; how easy it is; and so on.

Use Skype, use Twitter, use Tumblr, use Facebook. Tell people in real life, write it on napkins. Tell everyone who needs to know this, and will take, like, ten minutes or so out of their day, most of which is nothing more than waiting on the confirmation email.

Please, get this thing signed.

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GodofVelcro1/29/14 7:18pm
I can't believe this is going to happen again. They should learn, someone, somewhere, is going to find a way around it. Although if they succeed, its going to create ungodly amounts of pain and frustration and possibly many court orders. To the petitions!

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