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Toleer10/2/13 10:36am
Oh hai there! I haven't been a part of forum roleplays in a VERY long time, but I felt the need to come and make a post regardless, cause I really wanted to get back to actually....doing SOMETHING. Either roleplaying or outright writing fictions, like I used to way back in the day when I wasn't lazy.
D= hopefully someone knows the feeling.

In any case... here is my character's profile! I didn't offer much description because I'm still getting physical appearance down, but I'll get to it eventually.

This character started as a concept of a schizophrenic who received advice from voices (which often knew more than he did but told him little), evolved into a bipolar powerless weirdo, then eventually... into this. A female with not much experience in the world and way too much wasted potential. So far. Who knows what her future holds?


Jessara Lark

Unused Alias:

19 (Wondering if she should be a young adult or a child with even less worldly knowledge.)

Jessara, or simply Jess, is a girl who grew up wanting very much to be an actress, or at the very least a model. Something in a spotlight where she could be admired. Not that she was particularly admirable, but nevertheless that tends to be how dreams of grandeur go.
Unfortunately a mediocre income in her family’s household left her and her siblings with little chance to pursue their dreams. Eventually the rise of much larger companies pushed the small businesses such as the tailor run by her parents into obscurity and debt, and what few workers they had to take care of tasks were forced to turn elsewhere for proper paychecks. After all, what good was a small shop when you could buy a shirt and pants for cheaper and higher quality at a larger retail store?
Over time her two brothers moved out and pursued lives separate from hers, as did her sister, and Jess was the only one left to help take care of the dying tailoring shop alongside her mother and father.
When Jessara discovered her power, however, things changed… after all, being able to call on a thousand tools at once to produce clothing makes for a much easier time in competing with the ‘big guys’.
In recent days Jessara’s family is being investigated for outlawed power use (at the behest of much more powerful companies), and Jess fears that her secret is a short way away from being discovered. Either she stops using her ability entirely and risks herself and her parents being overwhelmed financially…
… or she finds a new source of income that won’t mind her use of power.

Self. Generally benevolent.

(Note: These are from the original male/neutralgender version of the character, before being redone as a female. Working on a new female version. Created using various parts and a lot of texture modding on SecondLife.)

Blinding blue-white. [See Power for extra note]

Animation - Indirect Telekinetics
Jessara’s power is only conscious to the degree that it can be called upon, after which it becomes uncontrolled, though dispellable at will. The power manifests as the animation of otherwise inanimate objects using contact to initiate the animation. Jessara is capable of bringing animation to any non-living thing under one ton in weight, but only as many objects as total weight would be less than one ton. As an example either a shelf full of books could be given animation, or a large storage chest… but not both.
The power is two-stage: Jessara calls on her power and makes contact with an object, which gives it animation but no direction. The second stage is then to give the newly-animated object a direction and purpose, which is done by Jessara either verbally or (slowly) mentally giving that object a basic ‘personality’ that dominates its actions and reactions to external stimulus.
As an example: a roll of bandages animated with compassion would seek to wrap wounds… where the same roll with destructive intent used to animate it would seek to strangle or otherwise malevolently act against a creature. The creature’s name need not be spoken; the animated objects seem to pick up the rest of Jessara’s meaning without verbal command.
Animated objects maintain a tenuous link with Jessara up to distances of ~320 ft, but after this range they will cease being animated. Jess is unaware of any animations' situation if they aren't near her, and so they can go out and act on directives but otherwise she has no way of knowing what they are doing or having done to them. If at any time Jessara is incapacitated the objects she has animated will cease animation and become normal again. Though there seems to be no time limit on animation, animating large numbers of things does put strain on Jessara’s strength much like actual labor might.
Animated objects may be given commands and have a very rudimentary intelligence; they understand language and orders but not complex concepts. They are also tied to Jessara’s allegiances through her link to them, and cannot be persuaded to do things for people that she does not view as friendly. Through this, it is possible for a friend to tell an animated rope to tie itself to something... but not possible for an enemy to tell it to release him or her, nor is it possible to convince the rope to suicide because it is an inferior product made of hemp instead of a synthetic material.

Halo note:
Jessara’s stripes begin to phosphoresce as she animates more objects, to the point where her entire body can become laced with glowing lines of blue-white. She has zero control over this, and it prevents her from being able to hide that her power is in use; even if her halo isn’t visible, her glowing patterns are a rough indication of how many objects nearby are animated… making it impossible to set proper traps simply by animating a room of objects and waiting for an aggressor.
Example of ‘maximum animation’: <- Note the missing halo. Her stripes glowing only indicates she is sustaining animations, not that she is actively animating other things.
This little side-effect of her power means she also can't just wander around with animations under her clothes concealed as weapons, or what have you. Her power use is very plainly obvious.

Another image, this time with halo!

Some animations of power activation. YAY.

Possible Storylines:
It could be possible for her to become involved with any number of criminal elements in search of income, or better yet, a proper future for herself or her parents.
It is also possible that she could potentially become involved in anti-power conflicts between Stormies and other power-users.
In any situation, she's a girl with little to no knowledge of the world around her and a lot of potential... if she could only realize it. Less benevolent figures might see her as a tool, which means she could easily become involved in bad situations... especially as she is a tad gullible.

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Toleer7/28/14 2:40am
*wriggles and flails*

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Dante10/21/19 8:22am
Woooooooooooah. Super cool. Glad you didn't get caught yet ^_^. Avoid the paperwork police! They are evil and will chase you with bad pens. And you're power also has a social area of effect X_X. There are no original ideas in the world, Dante T_T. Doshiteeeeeeeee!

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