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Subscribe to this thread L. P. Michigan DreamKeeper's Guild created by SerafinoDragonTamer on February 8, 2013

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SerafinoDragonTamer2/8/13 1:29pm
Sure it's just me, right now. But anyone from Michigan c'mon in and share your ideas to expand DK to the Great Lakes state!

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Bubz912/10/13 9:16am
Not just you now bro. heheh. good to see im not the only Michigander for once.

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SerafinoDragonTamer2/14/13 2:40pm
Woo!! xD What part? -holds up my right hand and points near the thumb joint- Metro Detroit. Livonia c: But... -points to the palm area below my ring finger- Going to WMU here in Kalamazoo.

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Noftu8/2/13 11:45pm
Used to live in Livonia, but I left Michigan behind long ago. Living in Indianapolis now. Still go back a few times a year for family and hockey though.

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Bubz912/27/14 8:51am
damn it all i need to pay attention to this stuff!!!!!! I am down by the waterford/milford area, right between the two actually in a little known township called white lake.

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taiga3/16/14 8:41pm
Is that L. P. for lower penninsula? Hopefully not because I'm from Marquette, MI. So I'd like to join the Michigan Dreamkeepers Guild and represent the U.P. :)

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MobileCrusader3/17/14 5:53am
What is this anyway? Like a text group or FB group or something?

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