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Subscribe to this thread Preview Sketches (Last Update: 3/13/2015) created by Animefan18 on August 2, 2013

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Kymastrider4/12/15 10:28pm
it didn't occur to me before that there could be an underground world beneath the Dreamworld and that the nightmares reside there, but in a world like Dreamkeepers anything is possible and it could be a very real possibility.

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crazyhead424/13/15 8:14am
No digging around the tower...

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DanWithTheHat4/13/15 6:53pm
I had a similar thought. Its very possible the link to Nightmare and DK world is a physical one. It is just really hard to get through and go through. That whole no digging around the tower thing that crazyhead brought up makes me suspicious there could be a nightmare gate under there or something to that effect.

@Dawonguy: I made a thread about the whole Lackadaisy Patreon in the "LookIt This!" Section. It is a webcomic full of cats in a 1920's St. Louis speakeasy. I definitely would recommend checking it out. :)

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MobileCrusader4/14/15 3:59am
Or it could be that they don't want the foundation for such a huge building getting fucked up.

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Kymastrider4/14/15 7:37am
I sort of came up with another idea, what if this bizzare structure with all it's missleading twists N turns was made to hide the lost archives, or atleast to conceal the passage leading to the archives.

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BryanDimmsdale5/5/15 11:33pm
Volume four has now a front cover...

...and guess who's in it?

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