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Subscribe to this thread Nightmare Attack created by alexa098202 on July 19, 2013

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alexa0982027/19/13 5:26am
Hey I have a question.
I probably sound like terrible for bringing all these potential inconsistencies and contradictions up but...

Mace tells Whip to go keep an eye out on Paige right before he gets attacked by the Nightmare. When he gets attacked, Whip happens to be there to save him. Did Whip not witness the death? And how did Whip know Mace was in danger? Or was it just coincidence?

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joeden7/19/13 9:16am
Well it wasn't a nightmare, it was a sandman. Whip heard the fight, his hearing is better then natural people's hearing so he came to help.

The death of Paige happened when Whip was with Mace so he had no clue as to what happened there and doesn't know who the killer is. The only mistake that is made is the fact that there's a giant boot print and they're blaming Mace when there's a footprint of blood that's to big to possibly be Mace's and the Police should have known that right off the bat unless the police force where all darks.

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Gloves7/19/13 10:10am
Calling the whole police force "darks" just for missing a piece of evidence is a bit unnecessary. Lilith, who is the one who noticed that piece of evidence, is already supposed to be a lot smarter than the average DK, and it's completely possible that the crew working just assumed it was a print from one of their own men, or haven't actually seen Mace in person and so don't know how large his feet would be.

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joeden7/19/13 10:25am
I've seen police work and know how a Crime scene works, had to learn how to handle one when i got my licence, and if the police are on the same level as our police are then they should know that first thing you do is quarantine the crime scene and looking into everything footprints and all that. but yea my mistake on say they were all darks.

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Gloves7/19/13 10:44am
Okay, so they probably didn't think it was one of their guys--but that still doesn't make them automatically think that Mace is innocent. They don't have the guy there to look at, and Grunn doesn't seem the the kind of person to keep track of shoe sizes. Plus, they've got an orphanage full of kids who say that it really looks like Mace did it--plus Randy, who would probably be fully willing to testify to it.

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ezioauditore977/19/13 11:53am
Well I think that Mace's reputation is already tainted now to the point where unless he could pull out something somehow that proved Ravat did it without a shadow of a doubt he would probably not find it worth testifying seeing as the case is dead set against him with Randy and his gullible companions being the witnesses and all saying it was him so unless they do mess with DNA and the like with cases in DK I do think that they do not use,would ultimately lead to detainment or something of the like.I mean the only ones that really were at the orphanage and would testify for the poor guy are either gone(Vi(I think....)and Bobby(Again I think.....)) or not in quite a position to say anything sadly(Do I need to clarify who I am talking about?)So unless Mace suddenly wants detainment/worse and poor Whip being hauled away I do reckon he will not come up with anything regarding that matter yet.What do you all think? Good discussion BTW on both of your sides Gloves and Joeden!

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Wulfspyder7/19/13 1:40pm
Keep in mind that one of the highest government positions in Anduruna is held by a Dark, lil' miss Tinsel, and she might've been able to wiggle into making the police seriously consider only Mace as a suspect so that they would capture and hold him, which Naby would want.

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ezioauditore977/19/13 2:19pm
Good point.You know I would not be surprised that with as certain as it seems for the government on there if they decided to just shoot poor Mace on sight if they identified him because they think he did a terrible thing and there is no doubt in their minds it wasn't him.

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Wulfspyder7/22/13 6:47am
Even if they consider him the only suspect in the grisly murder, shooting a child on sight is an especially bad move for any police/military force.

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ezioauditore977/22/13 12:19pm
Well if they determined that he was that dangerous and capable he would be apprehended roughly at the least.The unfortunate thing is that he has been demonized quite a bit and for him to have made the headlines well clearly something terrible like that is uncommon in Anduruna compared to the real world I would suppose.He is smart though and he does have his friends so I do think that he will endure in the story but who knows?

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AriaOutlander9/26/13 6:02am
The law enforcement is much stricter in Anduruna, you know. It's a different system than in America. Any and all (repeat) lawbreakers are usually delt with very swiftly, depending on the intensity of the crime. Murder, no matter whodunnit, is a serious crime. If Mace is testified against, it seems to be good enough evidence. Think back to the Salem Witch Hunt.

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ezioauditore979/26/13 6:46pm
Yeah although I doubt Anduruna is perfect but the thing is that unfortunately he's the only plausible suspect in the eyes of the government on top of crimes being a bit less common there presumably(Thus making them more cracked down on and rightfully so)so I imagine that it's probably a good idea for him to stick with the group.Look on the bright side;he's obviously depressed over a certain tragic incident but he still has Whip to remind him that he's a nice guy and he tried everything he could and to help make sure does not throw his life away although anything is bound to happen later down the road.

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CalicoYorki12/10/13 3:49pm
I'm afraid that this thread has been horrifically derailed.

I'm thinking that Paige was either fine when Whip checked on her, and was attacked after he left, or he heard the fight in mid-flight, and returned to help Mace.

Then again, plot holes are not an impossibility.

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ezioauditore9712/14/13 8:04am
Yes sorry about that.

I think that that she was fine up until Mace fell into the water.

As for plot holes Dave and Liz are two people so there might be an oversight every now and then but compared to movies where they've got loads of people examining the script and still have so many plot holes I really do think they're doing quite alright.

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