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Subscribe to this thread Personal Character Theme Songs created by Prometheus on May 12, 2013

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Prometheus5/12/13 6:02pm
Hope joeden doesn't mind if I use this idea. He created this thread in the Character Cafe, but left it strictly for RP characters. Since I'm not into roleplay, but have given my own characters theme songs, I figured I make a similar thread in this section for those who would like to theme their characters. You can include a bio of your character(s) if you wish along with the song.

I'll start off with the protagonists of my two fanfiction universes.

Jerome/Jerry: (Linkin Park - In The End)

Prometheus & Bane: (Tool - Parabol + Parabola)

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joeden5/12/13 6:10pm
I never made it strict for RP chars, just chars that have a sheet explaining who they are. But I don't mind. XD

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Gloves5/12/13 6:17pm
I think this is probably more suited to the Miscelaneous section--the DK Lounge, as I understand it, is more for just DK stuff.

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