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Subscribe to this thread Shadow's minecraft server created by Shadow99611 on April 17, 2013

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Shadow996114/17/13 1:55pm
I want to state that I'm NOT looking to take the place of the DK server already in place. No way. I just thought it wouod be fun to host my own server occasionally for a couple of interested people. Pretty low-key, not a huge amount of restrictions.

This is here really to keep all the discussion relating to my own attempts at running minecraft consolidated, instead of spread throughout the forum.

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CalvinCopyright4/17/13 6:23pm
Hey, cool! I'd love to know more; what mods would you run? Would it be a normal survival map, or a pure build-cool-stuff server, or what?

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Shadow996114/17/13 6:31pm
I run totally vanilla, unless someone give me a hand with mods. And it's your choosing really, I'll change your mode to whatever you'd like, and you can either build, or survive. Tt's currently set to survival, and I'm the only one with OP permission, so everything has to come by me.

Server is at:

If that doesn't work gimme a holler, I haven't had anyone attempt to connect yet..

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joeden4/17/13 6:34pm
hey shadow if you don't mind i`d like to jump on :)

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Shadow996114/17/13 6:38pm
Go ahead, there's no whitelist. But I'm not sure if it works.. So I might have to do some monkeying..

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joeden4/17/13 6:39pm
yea it keeps saying connection timed out; connect is what i see on my screen

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joeden4/17/13 6:42pm
or i might be out of range i`m in Toronto aka land of the king pricks

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Shadow996114/17/13 6:44pm

Try it with that one.. Or without the :25565 if that doesn't work.

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CalvinCopyright4/17/13 6:46pm
hehe, yay... I would love to build stuff!

I've got a few ideas as to cool scenes I can make...

I can't get on tonight; I'll try to come on tomorrow. Will let you know whether I can connect.

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Shadow996114/17/13 6:46pm
Well. X3 we'll see if we can get it working.

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Shadow996114/17/13 7:20pm
Aria will be happy. Right at the spawn area i just made a sphere filled with a desert biome. it's like 50 blocks above a little temporary shelter i made for everyone...

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joeden4/17/13 7:22pm
i tried and tried again but it not working for me :(

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Shadow996114/17/13 7:28pm
Lemme try something else.

Okay.. Try them all again.. See what works..

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joeden4/17/13 8:00pm
i don't think its going to work for me, maybe once i get me a laptop. it'll work for me then

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Shadow996114/17/13 8:10pm
It's probably on my end. I'll check back tomorrow.. Look for some solutions. Don't worry about it tonight.

Actually! Try turning off your firewall.. that might work.

If not.. then.. eh..

aaaannndd server's off

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