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Subscribe to this thread WTF?! Always online DRM created by RennacFaintheart on April 8, 2013

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ezioauditore975/24/13 4:23pm
Well they have clarified on the whole used game issue for XBONE and well although it is permitted there will be authentication checks online and once somebody purchases it then the person who sold it cannot access it.

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ezioauditore976/11/13 10:44am
Well it seems Playstation is allowing used games so plus one for them!Which female member wants the honor of saying something about the XBOX One which would make Namah proud?

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RennacFaintheart6/11/13 11:15am
Burn the XBONE! Burn them all! All hail the PS4!!!

Guess it's clear who will win the console wars after this. Clearly going for the PS4. It's pretty bad when your opponents send you this kind of video just to make fun of you:

btw, this is a MAJOR burn toward the XBONE. This shows just how clearly that Xbox One is over complicating everything with their lousy DRM policies. Sony will be more than happy to side with their consumers and avoid all that bullshit

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ezioauditore976/11/13 12:08pm
I going to go to PC for the most part soon but when I inevitably get a next gen console it will most likely be the PS4.I do feel sorry for the hardcore XBOX gamers but would like to remind them that they are always welcome to party on the PC and PS4.

Sony just burned them big time with that if I may say.I do like Microsoft for them licensing out their OS and for having good,reliable,and profitable stocks because of that but they are just shooting themselves in the foot right now and if they do not stop they will be hindered.I suppose that like the current generation has been good for Microsoft then it is Sony's turn and who knows?They might get out of all their debt and be worth investing it.Kaz Hirai(CEO of SONY) I commend you!

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