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Subscribe to this thread Comic books created by p3nguin32 on March 11, 2013

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p3nguin323/11/13 11:33pm
Since I created the webcomic thread, I had a feeling I was forgetting something. Of course, when I finally remembered what it was, I had to include it here. Here are just a few of the comics I have read/picked up from various sources:

Wolverine (my favorite character BTW): If I had to chose a favorite storyline, it would have to be, "Old Man Logan." Short and long of it is: Logan is old, villains control the world, and Logan's old buddy Hawkeye has a job he needs help with.

Preacher: Only read the first two volumes so far, but I like what I've seen. About a preacher from Texas getting fused with an ancient entity as strong as God who decides to go looking for God to get some answers. Not for children.

Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland series: Its sick, twisted, a bit gross at times, and is definitely not for children. Imagine Wonderland as a hostile place, ruled by the Jabberwocky, where everything is trying to kill you. That said, I have to admit I like it.

Hero Squared: Can't remember where I heard/saw it, but once I started reading I almost immediately had to have it. A jobless "loser" ends up rooming with his superhero self from an alternate universe, while trying to stop said hero's nemesis, who just so happens to be the alternate universe version of his girlfriend.

Hero 9 to 5: Another one I randomly came across; worth a shot if you are in to seeing heroes treat their heroics as a job.

Fables: Fairy tale creatures/people in a modern setting (New York City) after escaping from an evil emperor who attempts to take control of their homeworlds.

The Sandman: Read about it on TvTropes one night while I was surfing their site. Another one thats kinda hard to explain for me, but worth a read.

Think that should be enough to get us started.

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Raccoon3/12/13 5:34pm
I don't give a damn on superheroes, however I do enjoy reading Watchmen and few others. I'm more interested in non-superheroes comics anyway.

I used to spent a lot of time collecting and reading Archies, Looney Tunes, Walt Disney and others whaen I was a little kid with my parents on shopping trips for the old used stuff. funny thing I still have them as seeing that they're from 60's, and 70's. They can be bought for about dollar a piece or much less as a whole lot back than as a kid. I stop doing that now.

Ones that I like to read right now are Blacksad, Creepy, Eeerie, Rocket Raccoon (1980's) four part limited series, howard the duck, Tales from the Crypt and other EC comics, Jeff Smith's Bone, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, Scud The Disposable Assassin, Werewolf By Night, Enemy Ace, Dreamkeepers and others.

I have lots of favorites but what I just listed here will be enough for now.

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Gloves3/13/13 10:33am
I know that some people disliked it, but I really enjoyed reading the Marvel Ultimates Universe. It had it's flaws, definitely, and a few unnecessarily creepy moments, but overall I really enjoyed it.

I've also been following the Hawkeye comics by Matt Fraction, and loving them.

I'm not sure whether it's in any comic book stores now (definitely not seen it in any I've been to) but the series "Beasts of Burden" is really awesome. It's by Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin, and ends on kind of a cliffhanger-ish note, but a super fun read.

And there's this really awesome series called "Dreamkeepers". Not a whole lot out yet, but it's definitely some of the best stuff I've ever come across. *shot for bad joke*

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BlackTailedFox3/16/13 10:56pm
The comics and graphic novels I own ammount to a relatively small collection. My "Amory Wars" Saga is nearly complete,the "Amory Wars" is a sci-fi epic that goes along with the music of the band "Coheed and Cambria", I have one issue of "Usagi Yojimbo", an ongoing series of the adventures of a Ronin in feudal japan, I have the first two parts of the "Amulet" series, the Amulet is about a girl who finds herself in a strange fantasy world full of people who have been turned into anthro-animals, giant walking houses used as transportation, robots and an evil elf army who had kidnapped her mother, the girl also finds out that her and her brother are the only ones who can lead this world's people to freedom, it's a good read ^^ sorry for my rambling, I just like to share my rather obscure finds :3

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DanWithTheHat3/24/13 9:47pm
Nice to see another Coheed fan on here. I got the Amory Wars graphic novels as well. Hopefully Claudio will remake the Good Apollo Comics to follow the comics for Second Stage and In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. It would be awesome to see the series fully complete in comic form.

In addition to The Amory Wars (and Dreamkeepers of course), I also own the graphic novel versions of the webcomics Gunnerkrigg Court and Lackadaisy and the Blacksad comics. What got me to look into Blacksad originally was the water coloring it has. Its has very unique art style for a comic. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes detective, film noir style stories.

That's all the comic books I own right now though.

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DarkAnge13/27/13 4:15pm
Well, here's my list.
I have included various links so you can check them out. If any of these books pique your interest, I've also added sites you can order them from, if possible (unfortunately, some of these are out of print).

"ElfQuest" by Wendy & Richard Pini
You can read all of it here on the official site:
One of - if not *the* - Greatest fantasy stories of all time. There...isn't really much more I can say.
Strangely I often find myself comparing this series to DreamKeepers. Wonderfully engaging characters, an awesome story that doesn't pull any punches, beautiful art, a "Mom & Pop's" labor of love...huh, maybe it's not so strange to compare them.

"Little Victory" by Phillip "JollyJack" Jackson
By the Creator of "Sequental Art". A kind of "alternate world" where superheros are raised, trained & assigned by the UN. The story centers on "rookie" hero Vicky Powers, A.K.A. Victory Girl, & her adventures.
The first two issues plus a prologue issue are available at Lulu:
And issue 3 is available only at Indy Planet:
If you have a problem with IndyPlanet's shipping cost don't worry, JollyJack promises to bring #3 to Lulu soon.

"Xanadu" by Vicky Wyman
This is an *old* Anthropomorphic comic (late 80's - early 90's")
I discovered this one long ago & quite by accident while browsing through the back issues bin at a nearby comics store.
You can find back issues as well the collected trade paperbacks here:
If you want to check out some of the creator's artwork then here (NSFW!!!):

"Gold Digger" by Fred Perry
Been reading this one religiously for over 10 years!
I always order mine here:

"The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius" by Judd Winick
Misadventures of a 10 year old super genus. Snarky, lowbrow humor & copious amounts of swearing. It's awesome!!!

"Nightmares and Fairy Tales" by Serena Valentino
As the name suggests, this is a dark fantasy anthology chronicled by a sentient doll named Annabelle.
I loved the artist In the first two graphic novels (or comic issues 1-12), but didn't care for the art in the third (issues 13-18), but that's just my opinion. The art in the fourth volume (19-23) was okay (again, my opinion).
Some good news I just heard is that the creator might be bringing this series back *^_^*

"W.I.T.C.H." by Elisabetta Gnone, Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa
While I *did* enjoy the Disney cartoon, the original comic series was immensely better. Sadly, they seem to be OOP.

And finally, here's some manga:

"Dance in the Vampire Bund" by Nozomu Tamaki
These vampires do NOT sparkle!
Seriously, this is a great manga series (that spawned an equally kickass anime). The main character is a cute, child-like vampire princess who'll melt your heart...just before she rips it out! This one *is* a little more explicit than DK though.

"Parasyte" by Hitoshi Iwaaki
Discovered this one years ago when I subscribed to a manga anthology called "Mixxzine" because it had the Sailor Moon manga (don't judge me!). The story is kinda like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" meets "John Carpenter's The Thing". My interest in this outlasted my interest in SM at any rate.

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WiseOwlReader2/19/14 7:26am
What would anyone here recommend from Alan Moore's work? I've heard about "The Killing Joke", and would like a second opinion before buying.

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p3nguin326/23/14 10:44pm
I don't know a lot about Alan Moore's work, but as a person who has read, "The Killing Joke," and isn't a Batman fan, I would still highly recommend reading it. It is well written, the art is great, and it conveys the relationship between the Joker and Batman quite well.

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