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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls OOC created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 5, 2013

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joeden8/7/14 9:57am
holy hell Roan! You're alive! I thought you seriously hurt or a piano fell on you or you where disintegrated by aliens. Also i got the character sheet done for Jamie done up proper if we're still continuing this and if everyone doesn't mind here it is.

Name: Jamie Hellsing
Age: 28
Power: shadowtelica: best way to explain this is simple; when his power is activated a robe of shadows covers him. Giving the appearance of the grim reaper, the power allows him to spread shadows in a circular radius of ten feet. Within these shadows Jamie can burst into shadow and move anywhere's within the field of shadow and reappear but it takes a good 10 seconds for him to use this ability, and it is costing and will tire him out real fast and leaves his vision in a blur for about 2-3 seconds.
However when he is in the field of shadows he can glide on it like as if he was skating; he can also make the shadows flow off his blades to give it a more terrifying look but does nothing, its just there for looks but it causes him to tire out faster. If he uses it while exhausted, it will start to tear him apart first through exhaustion then it will start to cut his flesh and then break his bones. A blackish golden halo accompanies his power.

Appearance: Jamie Is a red wolf with a red over his back and top parts of his arms and legs and tail, with a white under bottom under his tail on his chest and under his chin. He semi-long black hair on his head; he wears black cargo pants a plain T-shirt and with a black blue jean jacket. He also wears Red trainers while always carrying his old shock trooper mask on hand.

History: At the age of 12, Jamie lost his parents and his brother after arriving at his village of Kittim. His family was killed by a group thugs working for a local crimelord, one that Jamie's father had been working to arrest. The thugs had almost killed Jamie, but with luck he managed to escape them leaving only a scar under his eye.

After swiftly moving up the ranks and displaying his skills in martial arts and stealth, he was transferred to the black ops division known as Havoc squad. Due to the skill he showed during his missions he picked up the name the cavalry after he salvaged a mission that went downhill horribly.

This spread stories that went through the recruits like wildfire, even though no one knew who the cavalry was save for Jamie's squad mates and his superiors. Jamie had also changed after that mission, his friends had described it as if a part of him had died that day. A couple of months later they received another mission which was a set up, ending with Jamie watching everyone of his friends die in an attempt to kill him.

After the fight Jamie learned that it was an attack to kill him and if he would return hed be killed. So Jamie managed to act out his death, as he brought the building down and made it out as the operative that was sent to kill him made his report.
As Jamie had climbed out of the wreckage, he had taken more of a beating than he'd preferred. As he fell, he fell into his cousin's arms. She had heard he was alive after the Cavalry name has been made known to the guild, after seeing this mess and having quickly formed an idea.

His cousin Jessica then, through a pretty compelling arguments, got them to help Jamie. As Jamie woke he found himself with his hands and legs chained to a bed and covered in bandages. Also with having half a dozen people in the same room he was in. The first thing Jamie did was freak out. As he broke his restraints, it freaked everyone out and someone yelled about having used chains instead of rope. After a struggle to calm and restrain him. Years later Jamie had found himself in a middle of a war that took place in the southern parts of the city. It was a gruesome battle that left him with scars, the battle was that of the guild and the Crimelord that tried to wipe it out. Along with the corrupt member shocks, who fought with the Crimelord against the Guild.

Hopefully that's a bit better then my last character sheet.

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Roan1/26/15 7:05am


Where is Wreck? I demand a hug from him and I need to find my Pecan-Brother. AK Term

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joeden1/26/15 7:30am
Roan!!! Your Alive *Hugs real tight* I thought you where dead.

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Roan1/26/15 7:41am
Nope, I just finished my time in training as a 911 tech. I have break from that job until January of 2016, which is when I officially start.

*hugs back* I didn't die.

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joeden1/26/15 7:52am
Well Congratz on the training and getting the Job, I'm pretty much working Security for Hockey games and i get to watch the games and get paid for it. I'm also going to be working the Pan am games

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joeden1/26/15 7:55am
Unfortunately Shadow is completely gone And not coming back :(... He's working on wind turbines.

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Toleer3/20/15 9:52pm
I miss you guys o3o

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joeden3/20/15 10:14pm
hey Toleer long time no see.

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T3rminal7/17/16 12:00pm
Been one hell of a long time since I've been here. Seems like everything's pretty...dead at the moment.

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joeden7/17/16 3:00pm
T3rminal long time glad to see you alive! :)

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Roan12/29/16 12:58am
Hmmmmm...been awhile, now hasn't it? c:

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joeden12/29/16 10:46am
yeah it has

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