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Subscribe to this thread Character/Event Theme Songs created by Prometheus on February 26, 2013

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origamifan6/23/16 9:21am
Here's a possible theme for bralgu

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Prometheus7/7/16 1:31pm
I'm in a 90's kick, so here are some timeless and out-of-style songs. XD

Nainso: (Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence)

Ravat: (System of a Down - Sugar)

Vi: (Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle)

Lilith: (Cher - Believe)

Troika: (Scorpions - Wind of Change)

The Strip Club: (Corona - Rhythm of the Night)

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Prometheus8/19/16 10:54pm
Time for some more group themes. XP

Main Cast: (Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime)

Troika: (The Classic Crime - Blisters and Coffee)

Troika - Strip Club Crew: (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk)

Darks: (Daniel Wentz - Freespace: Mission 2 "March" Battle Tracks)

Neon Knives: (Limp Bizkit - My Generation (Uncensored))

Nightmares: (Daniel Wentz - Exodus)

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McGoatpants8/21/16 12:04pm
Well thought I'd join in the fun!! :D

For Ravat: In Hell She Waits for Me by the Black Dahlia Murder
It's such an evil song! Some of the themes remind me of his pleasure for killing and the title ruminates of him and Tinsel, I feel. Harsh song for a harsh man.

Stellar Sunset of Evolution by Wretched
In general it's this apocalyptic themed song, and Barb is the harbiger of the DreamWorld's end...

The nightmares in general: Entwined in Aether by Dissonance in Design.
Eldritch horrors from beyond our understanding that our heroes are struggling to defeat? Hell Yes.

Mace's revelation of what Ravat did: Ruiner by Nine Inch Nails
A song SEETHING with the anguish of having someone fuck up your whole life?

Man that's a chunk of metal.. Hmm.
Our Hero's respite after the Archives: Firelink Shrine theme from Dark Souls
Well Firelink shrine is a respire from the horrors of Dark Souls, but the sad tune still resonates with still present doom.
More to come later!

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McGoatpants8/21/16 2:38pm
For my last song I meant for the Archives. x.x Apologies.

Edit: I figure out how to make edits. :I

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Prometheus9/30/16 10:53pm
Okay, time for more themes. These themes will center around Daniel Wentz's originals and renditions of his musical work from the Freespace series of games. What can I say? I love the guy's work and this music could really work in Dreamkeepers IMO.

Oh, and take note that with this comment, I intend to theme some scenes from V4. Considering most everybody has read the book up to this point and there are so many spoilers around now, I don't think this will be a problem.

Main Cast: (Freespace: Mission 6 "Haunted" Normal Theme - Daniel Wentz)

Troika (Freespace: Mission 7 "Marauder" Normal Theme - Daniel Wentz)

CCA: (Freespace: Mission 5 "Spook" Normal Theme - Daniel Wentz)

Darks: (Freespace: Mission 2 "March" Battle Theme - Daniel Wentz)

Nightmares: (Freespace 2: Battle B - Daniel Wentz)

Tendril's Library Attack: (Freespace: Mission 6 "Haunted" Battle Theme - Daniel Wentz)

Ravat's Mind Games: (Freespace: Mission 4 "Worlds Apart" Battle Theme - Daniel Wentz)

Scars of the Past: (Freespace: Ancients 4 - Daniel Wentz)

Mace and the Spirit: (Freespace: Mission 1 "Fortress" Normal Theme 1 - Daniel Wentz) (Freespace: Mission 1 "Fortress" Normal Theme 2 - Daniel Wentz)

Troika Regroup: (Freespace: Mission 1 "Fortress" Normal Theme 3 - Daniel Wentz)

Cave Escape/Igrath's Rescue: (Freespace: Mission 1 "Fortress" Battle Theme 1 - Daniel Wentz (Freespace: Missions 1 "Fortress" Battle Theme 2 - Daniel Wentz)

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Prometheus1/5/17 11:23pm
Here's some new group themes. XP

The Main Six: (Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day)

Troika: (Land of Confusion - Disturbed)

Dark Dreamkeepers: (Vicarious - Tool)

Nightmares: (We're Sorry - Life Companions)

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BryanDimmsdale3/17/17 9:46pm
Jenaviv's Theme (Following Volume 5 onwards): (Hiroyuki Sawano -Through My Blood)

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Prometheus8/22/17 4:23pm
Thanks to the forums little hiccup, this thread hasn't seen much. But, here I am to rectify that. :D Just one theme for now and it's for Tinsel. Arguably, the most fitting song for her. (Applause - Lady Gaga)

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Prometheus9/19/17 8:27pm
All right, here's some themes to cover the Prelude arcs, as well as some group themes. ^^

Mace and Whip: (Trouble - Ab-Soul ft. Aloe Blacc)

Lilith and Namah: (Ain't It Fun? - Paramore)

Vanth and Bast: (I'm Alright - Luna Halo)

Troika: (Who Needs You - The Orwells)

Nabonidus and His Followers OR Dreamkeepers Sequel Theme: (The 501st (Star Wars Fan-Made Theme) - Lucas King)

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origamifan4/27/18 11:51am
Troika base under attack


Mace find the spirit.

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