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Subscribe to this thread New Graphic Novel Saga site page! created by Dreamkeepers on February 23, 2013

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Dreamkeepers2/23/13 9:25am
Good morning everyone, just dropping in for a quick announcement. With Volume 3 out, I've decided to release our backlist titles on the site for free browsing. Here is the new Graphic Novel Saga site page:

Tadaa. 8 D Hopefully it'll add another way to help attract new readers to the series- plus it's pretty. If you know anyone who'd be interested, please show it off!

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MrAerospace2/24/13 6:23am
Wonderful! That will certainly bring more immediate attention to the Graphic Novel for new readers. I must admit it was quite off putting to sign up to Graphicly just to see the free issue of V1, so this is a big step in the right direction. Immersing new readers into the dreamworld in a painless way is surely going to help retain people's interest in your work for longer.

However, I do want to see Vivid Publishing succeed as a business and I am dubious as to whether adding ALL previous Volumes onto the website will be the best financial strategy in the mid to long term. While it seems reasonable right now to think that because the fan-base is so strong there won't be significant sales of the older volumes in the short-term, if and when DreamKeepers gains further recognition and popularity these free online editions will circumvent much of the profit you may receive from sales of older Volumes.

The double edged sword here is distinguishing between the benefits of attracting new readers and converting the new readership into new customers. At what point does the free online stuff eat away at your profit and at what point does the price begin to scare away potential customers. This is especially true because of the serial nature of the GNS. The more Volumes there are for sale, the more restrictive the entry cost becomes.

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ezioauditore972/24/13 9:54am
Good point.However considering the fact that the fanbase in general is willing to support this endeavor financially I do not honestlly think there will be a problem.Plus now new readers can experience the improved landscapes and some of the other characters that have a colorful vibe for free such as Wisp and the Indigos(Although I think that is just about it for Vol.2 additions)Oh well!What do I know about running a publishing company?I have not even been part of the fanbase for longer than a month(estimate)!
This might be the rather nice bait of the fishing rod that brings in more fish for this company.(Corny analogy,eh?)

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MrAerospace2/24/13 3:00pm
Well of course the fan-base is willing to pitch in, what with around a thousand pre-orders and I recall something like 400+ special editions, plus I'm sure that there were a lot more than just a handful of the bundled package.
But that is a good point too...a loss of digital sales may actually boost the fan-base and cause a rise in hard copy sales.

Meh, corny analogue aside, at what point do you start reeling in the fish?

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ezioauditore972/24/13 6:28pm
Honestly I do not know....

At least we do not have to really worry about losing any fish with the great talent (saying that because I am guessing that more freelance colorers are in the foreseeable future)behind it and a kind community.

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Avolendi2/25/13 3:02am
It seems like a solid strategy, since the only 'loss' will be from new readers who like Dreamkeepers a lot and would've bought all digital versions. There may also be people who, without having the previous volumes, wouldn´t have been drawn in.

So the reduced number of digital sales on V1 and 2 may already be countered with more people buying V3, which at the same time will also increase the fanbase, which is good for the future and might also entice people to buy the hardcopies.

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ezioauditore972/25/13 7:12am
Here's hoping.....

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Tricky3/1/13 5:33pm
In my personal opinion, I think that allowing Volume 1 and 2 to be viewed for free online would certainly help to boost the fanbase and raise interest in further volumes, but I also think that Volume 3 and up should remain purchase-only, so as to prevent people from simply waiting until each volume is free to read it.

Volumes 1 and 2 have a great deal of content within their pages; if they haven't captured someone's interest enough to consider investing in the next volume, then it's probably not for them.

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ezioauditore973/2/13 8:12am
Well if viewing the awesome landscapes and sexy indigos in Vol.2 for free will not win them over then what will?

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Tricky3/8/13 11:04pm
Exactly! =)

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ezioauditore973/9/13 9:12pm
Well that is what would hook a new reader on if they were unfamiliar wiht the setting or main characters and jumped ahead to Vol.2 for some reason anyways.

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