10-30-07-----Pre-Orders Open!

Well, the pencils are totally finished, and the colors are now being completed - that's it for Behind the Scenes!

Thanks for checking out the progress and concept art for Volume 2!

Pre-Orders are open now - follow the link below! There will only be 300 limited edition copies ever made, so if you want one, you should go check it out!

Thanks again to everyone who'd been keeping up with the series - I hope you enjoy Volume 2!

10-18-07 - Dum - dada - DAA!

The cover of Chapter 6 is finished! Check it out!

Also, the finalized release date for the book is now set - and the pre-orders are being set up to start soon! Check out the details in the news.

Also, a reminder to anyone wishing to win free stuff - the Halloween Fanart contest entry deadline is just over a week away - don't miss out!

It's a personal peeve of mine when a comic book has a cover which depicts a really cool image - and then the comic itself has nothing to do with what was on the cover. So, if you're wondering 'Is there really drool all over Chapter 6?'

Yes. Yes there is.


10-5-07 - Why do I do these things?

Sorry about the late 'Behind the Scenes' update everyone - don't worry, work is still progressing on the books - that's partially contributing to why the update is late, because I've been so preoccupied with artwork.

...Excellent cover... no one will suspect my Tijuana rampage now...


More pencils! I just got through the craziest crowd shots ever... With a good portion of sanity still in reserve, although I need to stock up. Deciding to have a gigantic riot scene is all fun and games until you have to actually DRAW it. At several points during the process, I stopped and muttered, why am I DOING this to myself?

The answer, of course, is because, oh yeah - this is going to be awesome.

You can actually look at this scene and guesstimate the level of mental health I lost while drawing it. It's fun, give it a try!

Look, Indigo exists. The story shall not permit me to divulge more... But suffice it to say that she was fun to draw.



9-19-07 - Thrills, Chills, and a lot of drawing.

A lot of drawing is going on - Chapter 6 is now about halfway pencilled, so things are right on track where they should be! I'm in the midst of some massive crowd scenes which are gumming things up a bit, but boy, are they fun.

The closer the book gets to completion, the more enthusiastic I'm becoming over the way it's turning out. I'm getting very excited for the release date! My loved ones are looking into various sedatives.


Check out some of the pics below - I have to be careful not to show anything that gives away any story points at this stage, which includes a lot of the more dramatic images, so these will have to suffice!

Some people in a crowd at Anduruna's Harvest Festival - enjoying an unexpected surprise.

Mace, Whip, and Namah suddenly happen upon the world's biggest banana.



9-5-07 - Pencils are off to a big start!

Progress is moving fast on the pencils, already nearly 1/3 of the chapter is finished and in the scanning stage.

I'm going to keep myself on a very strict production schedule through September, so that I can be sure to stay true to the November release date for the book. If I stay very focused, I think I can hit that as a goal.

As I'm pencilling pages for Chapter 6, I'll also be going through and beginning the shading for Chapter 5 as the colors get blocked in... Meanwhile, I'm going to try my best to market another batch of Volume 1 books, so that the overhead for the Volume 2 print run will be there when it comes time to print. I don't have any conventions between now and then, so I'll have to think of something else... A lot of things happening at once - we'll see how it goes!


Tinsel strutting through the shattered remains of the antechamber from the fight scene in the first book. I wanted to have a definite contrast between her careless, haughty saunter and the others around her all hard at work being productive in some way. Well, almost all of them...

Just added a splash of shading on this to give it a tiny bit of atmosphere... The final coloring will obviously be way cooler. It's a glimpse of the barren and twisted landscape where the nightmares congregate... I developed a lot of social details in this as it was drawn out. For example, Nabonidus rules from a hovering platform of stone - which remains over the only water source in the area. (Even monsters need water if they've manifested a physical body). It's a symbol of his authority that his minions have to cower below his throne to sustain themselves. Also, lesser demons live out in the smaller stone dwellings, with cookpots (and aging piles of grisly refuse), preparing meals in servitude for creatures higher in rank than themselves. Various nightmare overlords have their own individual castles dotting the landscape around the lake - competing with one another for size and dominance, but still with Nabonidus beyond their reach.

...In short, it's fun for the whole family!



Last Chapter of Volume 2 Begins!

Chapter 6 is off and running, the script is completely finished up, and the pencils are moving through the first scene - nothing scanned yet, but I should have some sneak peaks up for you next week.

Looking at the story and writing overall for the next book, I'm feeling VERY good about things... I think the ending ties up the story elements present in the book well, the characters are very true to themselves, the action is intense, there's drama, adventure, danger, and humor... I can hardly wait to finish this thing so I can sit down and read it myself. Yes, I'm that cool.

Progress on the book is escalating pretty rapidly due to some beneficial developements on other fronts, so hopefully the whole thing should be available for sale in November as planned.

Well, stay tuned for another update on Behind the Scenes in a couple of weeks!