Mace: Resilient to a fault, Mace’s irrepressible sense of justice leads him to mastermind endless retributive pranks and stratagems. Other pastimes include exploring the local dunes and markets while dodging school. Click the link to see Mace’s first appearance in Prelude.
Whip: Unintelligible to everyone but Mace, Whip is his diminutive but stalwart companion. Self-appointed as Mace’s chief advisor, Whip aids both in the planning and execution of pranks - unless he can divert attention towards more gastronomically satisfying endeavors. Click the link to see Whip’s first appearance in Prelude.
Narp: The consummate pessimist, Narp’s only desire in life is to have just a little quiet and orderliness. Living with both Mace and Grunn, it’s easy to see how he got into the pessimism racket. Click the link to see Narp’s first appearance in Prelude.

Krin & Deral: The most recent transfer to Grunn’s orphanage, Krin’s life is accentuated by successive surprises. He tends to hang out with Deral, who does his best to keep both of them out of trouble by maintaining a low profile. Click the links to see their first appearances in Prelude.
The Konkord twins: The growth impaired duo goes through daily life all too aware of Grunn’s nickname, ‘child stomper’. Watchful out of pragmatism, they handle events with a safely concealed sarcastic streak. Click the link to see the Konkord’s first appearance in Prelude. Gorse: Gifted with enthusiasm rather than intellect, Gorse often finds himself at a loss when coping with difficult situations. His fictional pop culture heroes, in contrast, are far too awesome to ever be at a loss for anything. Click the link to see Gorse’s first appearance in Prelude.
Bobby: The oldest orphan on the docks, Bobby finds himself unexpectedly taking on a big brother role among the kids. Although endeavoring to fulfill his function as a ‘better than looking up to Grunn’ role model, much of Bobby’s focus drifts to his future away from the docks. Click the link to see Bobby’s first appearance in Prelude.   Grunn: Through capricious fate, Grunn finds himself trapped in the job to which he is least suited in life: caring for children. Disgruntled, Grunn divides his time between ineptly running an orphan-powered bander fishing business, and seeking pre-hangover solace. Click the link to see Grunn’s first appearance in Prelude.   Viriathus (Vi) : Forced to spend her days on carpentry and dock repairs, the injustice of her situation only sharpens Vi’s ambition to become a successful fashion designer. Although well meaning, her hair-trigger temper can be indiscriminate when the right buttons are pushed. Click the link to see Vi’s first appearance in Prelude.


These characters and more inhabit the stories of Mace and Whip’s Prelude! To see which characters appear later on in the Dreamkeepers graphic novel saga, check out the main characters page.

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