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2019 Convention Schedule:

Motory City Furry Con, April 12-15- Dave & Boneitis

FanX Salt Lake City, April 19-20- Geo

Denver Pop Culture Con May 31-June 2 -Geo

Anthrocon July4-7: Boneitis and THE VAULT.

DenFur Aug 2-4- Geo

Eurofurence Aug 14-18: Mancoin

FanX Sept 5-7: Jared of CryptoComics

Furry Migration Sept. 6-8: Dave & Boneitis

Monroe Popfest Sept. 14: Dave & Liz

DakuCon Nov 15-17: Geo

Forever Con Nov 29-30: Geo

Midwest Furfest Dec 5-8: Dave&Liz, Geo & Boneitis