We don't cover everything here - if you're wondering whether or not you're permitted to do something new you've thought of, odds are it would be fine. At the bottom of this page is a list of what *not* to do, just for reference. So feel free to be creative, and don't let this page limit your ideas!
Ever wish there was more DK to explore beyond our site? There is! Browse reader-created sites & groups where not only can you read, but you can create, post, and share your own content!
Created by Dave & Liz, Dreamkeepers is independently advertised & sold by their small business, Vivid Publishing. That means we can use all the help we can get! Fortunately, DK readers comprise the most supportive and kickass group of people we could have ever imagined. We're often asked by readers how they can help us - so often, in fact, that we created this page of our site devoted to the subject. Thank you for enjoying Dreamkeepers enough to care for it's future - here are some ways you can help us take DK to the next level!
You can't get the word out about Dreamkeepers news if you haven't heard it - you can follow us on twitter, facebook, DA, FA, inkbunny, join the forum, or e-mail us (Dreamkeeperscomic@gmail.com) and sign up for the update list.
Word of mouth is our strongest source of growth. If you have some friends capable of appreciating good, colorful comics, bring 'em over!

Sometimes seeing is believing. Show someone your generosity by buying them a book! It's easy and fast - purchase with our 'Gift' button below:

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We'll deliver it - just be sure to tell us where it's going! When purchasing, include a note in the Paypal box telling us your friend's mailing address. If you want to include a personal message there too, we'll be sure to send it with the gift. It's as easy as that.



Have fun and add to the world of Dreamkeepers. Create artwork, fanclubs, stories, music, parody, videos, quizzes, games, whatever appeals to you - and be sure to share it with other readers in the community! If you drop us a line and show us what you're up to, we may be able to tweet & promote your stuff as well.
There's a lot of people out there who want commissions of DK stuff, and a lot of artists in the world besides us. If you're a reader in search of art for your DK character, feel free to commission outside artists and creators. And if you're an artist, you can create paid commissions of people's Dreamkeeper characters or even commissions involving our graphic novel characters, that's fine by us, and we don't need notification or anything. If you create some DK-related merchandise yourself that you want to sell at a convention, like an art print or something, that's generally okay too - let us know about it so we can tweet the news!
Meet some comrades. Visit the DK Volunteer Army room of our forum - it's where readers go to collaborate on grassroots pro-DK initiatives, movements, and promotional ideas. Share your war stories - what promotional efforts have worked for you, what hasn't, and strategize new campaigns with your cohorts to spread the glory to ever greater heights!
Transform yourself into a walking Dreamkeepers ad - buy a shirt!
I yammer on at length about the comic industry and how to resuscitate it. The later articles especially might help you brainstorm additional ways to help us out.
Visit the very bottom of our links page, and choose from a glittering assortment of banners and link buttons. Feel free to post them wherever you choose, and help us spread!
Ever wondered why that comic shop on the corner or that indy bookstore doesn't have Dreamkeepers in stock? Ask them! Our books are available for retailers to stock through Comics Monkey. If they place an order, tell them to e-mail us for a free display poster to help sell their stock. And don't stop at stores - recommend DK to public libraries and school libraries, too. Mace is educational.
For anyone generous enough to just flat out give us money, thank you very much! But be sure to consider carefully before contributing. You could be using your money for other things - saving for your retirement, buying a pizza, or helping sad-eyed orphan kitties. I don't want to garnish aide at an unfair cost to others. But if you're financially independent and have some resources to share, we can certainly put funds to good use. Here are buttons for one-time donations, or automatically recurring subscription-donations. (You may cancel at any time of course.) A final caveat, we may use donations to immediately fund book printing or advertising, meaning it could be impossible for us to refund donated money, so be sure of your decision before you hit the button.
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Vote for us here. And no need to stop there - nominate DK for webcomic award contests and honors wherever you can find them!
Recommend us to a comic reviewer you follow, a magazine you read, or a podcast you listen to - if there's a publicity venue you can think of, write them as an audience member and be the first to clue them in to Dreamkeepers. Any venue with common sense will value knowing what trends their audience is getting into.
Sell DK books yourself! We now sell individual titles in quantities of 10 at a discount - to anyone. So if you know ten friends ready to buy from you, or you really want a box of books to decorate your room, order away. Just be aware of the fine print - comply with any necessary laws and tax regulations. Also, we can't accept returns for bulk sales, so make sure you're prepared for the eternal ramifications of your fateful choice before you order.
If you feel like hitting the town and inflicting color on it, use these buttons to purchase some DK postcards for distributing. The cost here covers our printing & shipping expense.

Or print off some postcards & fliers yourself using these high-resolution downloads:
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What NOT to do:
(This should be a pretty short list.)


*Please don't annoy people. Letting people know about Dreamkeepers is great - but if they're not receptive, don't personally torment them daily.

*Spoilers. When promoting DK, have fun, but please be respectful of new readers. If something you're doing includes a significant plot spoiler, please post a warning to that regard.

*The Dark Arts. No Voodoo, please - the price is always higher than advertised.

That's all we can think of at present - if there's something we didn't cover here that you're unsure about, you're probably fine to go ahead, odds are good that it's okay. You'll know if we want you to stop, because we'll contact you and politely say so, and explain our reasoning.


Some material on this site may not be suitable for children, parental discretion is advised.
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