Welcome to the Dreamkeepers Fanfiction Contest, hosted in the Deviantart group! Readers, enjoy this year's entries:


The stories will be collected in a glorious physical book- the Dreamkeepers Fanfiction Anthology. Winners receive a signed edition for free.

Who wins? That's where you come in. Voting begins Thanksgiving weekend- stay tuned to our newsletter for the voting link to go live.

To enter, read rules and the legalese below. Every entrant agrees to ALL the legalese, and entries that do not conform to the rules cannot be listed for voting.

Submit your entry to the 2019 Dreamkeepers Fanfiction Gallery. If you don’t have a DA account, you can make one for free here:

The entry deadline is Noon EST on the Day Before Thanksgiving. Late entries are welcome to join, but might not be listed for voting.

By participating in the Dreamkeepers Fanart Contest, the contestant will be submitting content hereby dubbed “The Material” in accordance with the following agreement:

1. Vivid Publishing and David & Elizabeth Lillie are understood to be the creators and owners of the Dreamkeepers franchise and all associated concepts, characters, creations, and intellectual properties, excepting where specifically licensed otherwise. The contestant has created The Material, which is fanfiction inspired by an intellectual property that the contestant does not own and has no claim to. The contestant relinquishes all copyrights, licenses, and ownership rights over the material and it’s contents to Vivid Publishing, in perpetuity.

2. The contestant understands that the Material is fanfiction, not canon, and that their submission has no bearing on any canon storylines or creative decisions within the Dreamkeepers franchise. All subsequent stories, features, characters, and plotlines appearing from Vivid Publishing are fully owned by Vivid Publishing, and any similarities to the contestant’s Material are irrelevant, regardless of whether the Material accurately predicts canon content, or possesses coincidental similarities.

3. The contestant represents and warrants to Vivid Publishing that the Material is original with them and that no 3rd parties have any copyright or ownership claims regarding the Material. The contestant adopts liability for legal expenses incurred in the event that their submission is found to infringe on the copyrights of 3rd parties.

4. The contestant grants Vivid Publishing the right to use, promote, and print the Material in the Dreamkeepers Fanfiction Anthology, or other formats, and understands that they are not entitled to any compensation, royalties, or earnings that may result.

5. This Agreement shall be construed solely under Michigan law (except where the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution of the United States requires federal law to apply). The parties having chosen the substantive law to apply, no other choice of law (including Michigan) applies. Any dispute shall be settled in the state of Michigan; if dispute resolution is required, it shall be conducted in Michigan. A party may enforce any settlement or arbitration in any other forum only in accord with applicable law. Any dispute between us which cannot be settled by the parties in a reasonable time shall be submitted to arbitration in Michigan, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association.

5. By submitting an entry to the Dreamkeepers Group deviantart gallery designated for use with the Dreamkeepers Fanfiction Contest, the contestant assures that they have read and agree to the full text of this document.

1) SFW. Violence and harsh language are permitted, but no explicitly graphic sex scenes. The submission should align with the general rating level of published canon Dreamkeepers material.

2) Writers may use any characters and scenarios they wish, original or canon. Submissions do not have to accord with canon Dreamkeepers storylines, and can experiment with what-ifs as desired. (See legal agreement when considering non-Vivid characters.)

3) 7,500 word limit. If your story goes on longer, type a URL at the end of your word count limit so readers know where to continue if they desire. If the document is longer than 7,500 words, it will not be included in voting or the anthology.

4) Due to pagecount limitations and possible content curation, not all entries are guaranteed for inclusion in the Fanfiction Anthology. We'll do our best.

5) One entry per contestant. Entries are due in the Deviantart Gallery by noon EST the day before Thanksgiving.

6) If a story has never been submitted to the Dreamkeepers Fanfiction Contest before, it is eligible for entry even if it was submitted to a different event, like the Fanart contest.

Time for the fun stuff! Here are the categories. One winner in each category will receive a free first-edition Dreamkeepers Fanfiction Anthology book, signed by Dave & Liz Lillie.

1 ) Best overall concept or hook.

2) Most engaging character(s).

3) Most compelling plot.

One final note- spellcheck is your friend, as well as this book. Now have some fun, we're excited to see what happens next!