Compensating for illegalized powers, technological capabilities have increasingly shaped life in Anduruna. Click some of the surrounding items to pull up their information on the data-scroll below.


An innovation of very recent history, already telepads are finding mainstream use in Anduruna. Installed midway up the Sabbaton Towers, seven telepads ferry passengers to the district towers and back again all day.
They are organically powered, acquiring their specialized mode of transportation directly from the archituethus occipitus, or jumper - commonly termed 'brain squid'.
Jumpers naturally possess the mystifying ability to teleport, and use the skill when startled to evade predators. Their instantaneous transportation will bring along any living material connected to the creature, ensuring all body parts make the journey safely. Anduruna teens would sometimes make the trip to jumper fields to try and 'catch a blink', ambushing and grasping a jumper to experience the sensation of teleporting. This is a somewhat risky pastime, as jumpers naturally hover, and there's no telling what they might teleport above... The only predictable variable is that their destination must be within sight of their current position.
With much difficulty, an innovative individual captured several jumpers to experiment with, and discovered that they could take much more than a single dreamkeeper with them on their trips - and furthermore, that their destination could be controlled with optical focal devices...
The telepads themselves are created from flo-wood, meaning that they are living organic material. Connected to the jumper's storage chamber by flo-wood struts, when the brain squid jumps it will take the entire wooden platform along for the ride - and anything living which shares contact with that platform.
The jumper's storage chamber is rigged to a specialized lens, designed to focus on the receiving platform where the pad will arrive. Black and white display discs on the platforms aide technicians in getting the precisely correct focal setting, narrowing the jumper's perceived visual destination to one option.
When all passengers are boarded and the focusing is complete, a mild shock sends jumper, flo-wood telepad, and contacting passengers across the city in the blink of an eye.
Upon arriving at the receiving platform, a new jumper is placed into the case. Jumpers must be rested for at least a day after every telepad jump, because of the strain inherent in moving such a sizeable burden.


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