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E-Books. There are two things to be aware of when purchasing e-books:
1) I'm not the seller. The different e-book platforms are acting as retailers, and you're actually buying your e-book from them. This means if you're having technical problems or need service with your purchase, we won't be able to help or issue refunds- you'll have to talk to the customer service folks at the store you bought from. Please don’t hesitate to ask them if you have questions- we need to sell through these services, so that means they need to take care of your needs effectively.

2) The stores are separate. If you buy Volume 3 for your Nook, you do not automatically have it on your ipad or your Kindle. You would have to buy one for your Nook, and another one for your Kindle if you intended to have it on both devices.

In years past we sold downloads from our site, and many have asked if we plan to do this for new releases. The answer is no. Selling the downloads personally meant I had a myriad of technical customer service issues to solve, and it got to the point where I didn’t have enough time to create new books. Plus our old downloads were using a file format that is going extinct. To stay focused on creating the next book, and to remain technologically current, we’re selling e-books through vendors.



Are commissions open?

When will commissions be open again?
We ‘re working through a pre-paid waiting list that will take us years to complete.

How will I know when commissions open up?
Our e-mail newsletter provides the earliest notice on stuff like this. We'd also announce the news on our various online accounts.

How much will commissions cost when they open? - We want to focus our time on creating story- it’s possible I may never open commissions again. If they do open, supply and demand will probably dictate silly prices, or a raffle system.

Isn't there a way I can get a commission sooner? - Actually, yes. Even when commissions are closed, we make exceptions when we're present at conventions. Convention commissions are drawn at conventions only, so they're limited to black and white pencil drawings, no color. We are also limited by time - we can't do take-homes, so it's first come first serve. Our convention schedule is updated on the News page.


Purchase & Order Questions
Where can I find Dreamkeepers for free?
On the graphic novel page of our website- and Volume 1 is also free through many of our e-book vendors. Our most recent books is not available for free, until we publish the next title.

I purchased something from you, and did not receive a confirmation e-mail. Why not?
Currently Vivid Publishing is run solely by David & Liz, so in addition to creating and drawing the comics, we record and package all the orders by hand. Usually we mail orders within a week, so we don't typically send out confirmation e-mails when a purchase is made, we just try to get it sent out. If you would like to check that we received your purchase, please feel free to ask! Drop us a line and I'd be happy to confirm that your order was received, and give a status update.

I purchased something from you, and it hasn't arrived in the mail yet. When will it get here?
We're based in the US - if you're overseas, shipping will take between 2 and 4 weeks. We usually get out to the post office at least once a week, and if you're in the continental US, your book should arrive a week or two after that. If it has been longer than three weeks since your purchase, please e-mail me us ( Dreamkeeperscomic@gmail.com ) We'll make certain that your order arrives.

My order came in the mail, but the mailman crushed it into a cube and drew a smiley face on it.
Ah, those rascals... If your merchandise arrives destroyed, let us know - if you mail the remains back to us, we'll get you a replacement sent out for it, and add insurance to the mix.


Parental Concerns
My kid really wants this book, it looks cartoony - is it child-safe?
That depends on the child in question, I suppose. Some kids can handle a lot. Some kids can't handle nerf darts. Our series is intended for mature readers - the rating equivalent would be about PG-13, or a 'teen' rating.

For mature readers? I've got an adolescent asking me for it, but I'd like to know exactly what about this book makes it 'mature' before I let them read it.
Questionable content includes foul language, graphic violence and some gore, death, sexual innuendo, skimpy attire, and a snake with a gun. But our books aren't a vehicle to showcase pointless profanity and violence. The focus is on the narrative, and everything in the book is there to support and strengthen the story, and the veracity of the characters.


About the Series
Dreamkeepers would make a great TV show / movie / video game / cold cereal - will that happen? Actually, I wrote an entire blog to cover this question. But if the frequency of this question is anything to gauge by, chances aren't bad. There are a lot of reader-initiated motion comic and animation projects in the works- swing by the forum to inquire.

The series isn't for children, but it looks like a cartoon. Who's the audience supposed to be?
Me. Dreamkeepers is based on what I would like to see in a book series. I'm not tailoring it towards 'kids' or 'teens' or whatever. I'm just trying to make something as good and true to itself as I can, and have a lot of fun doing it.

How many books are you planning for the entire series?
We're just getting warmed up. The story gradually escalates to the scale of a full fantasy epic - I'm estimating from15 to 25 Volumes total.

Will you ever publish an actual book of the Prelude comics?
Definitely- Keep an eye on our accounts for the announcement.


Publishing & Availability
Who are you guys published by?
Dreamkeepers is published by Vivid: Independent Publishing. Vivid is a small business created by Dave and Liz.

Can I find Dreamkeepers in my local comic or bookshop?
Probably not - we can't (yet) print books on a massive scale, so we don't fit inside the discount structures of most retailers.

Why don't you go with a larger publisher?
Creative control and ownership. I know exactly how I want my books to look - the cover, the title page, I don't need someone else calling the shots and taking 90% of the proceeds. And we're more committed to continuously promoting & keeping our titles in print than a mainstream comic publisher would be.

I'm a dealer/ retailer/ guy who likes to sell stuff. Can I purchase books from you to distribute and re-sell?
We sell books at a discount on our 'help us' page: http://www.dreamkeeperscomic.com/HelpUs.htm Or simply e-mail us and we can discuss terms.


Help, Hiring, and Submissions

Dreamkeepers is awesome, and I'd like to help you guys if at all possible. Is there anything I can do?
Thank you, thank you, thank you for existing. The answer is yes! We have a page just for you here. Sharing Dreamkeeperswith friends is one of the most important things people can do to help.

I'd really like to help out on Dreamkeepers some more - can I be one of your freelancers and work for you?
Probably not - we have a blog explaining ourselves fairly extensively here. It's absolutely awesome of you to be interested, but we can only effectively manage so much at any given time. Keep an eye on our blog, though - if we ever have room for public applications, we will definitely mention it there first and foremost.

But what if I worked for free?
Okay, you seriously are awesome. But first off, I don't want to take advantage of anyone, and secondly, it's not really a matter of money, but rather how many people we can balance from our end.

Is Vivid Publishing taking submissions for new books - do you publish other people?
We're not publishing other people right now, because we don't have much to offer as professional publishers yet. Our efforts are completely focused on creating and promoting Dreamkeepers - taking on new creators would be irresponsible until we have the resources to add something to the equation & help advance their careers. I'd advise new creators start self publishing with an on-demand printer like Ka-Blam, and see how that goes. If Vivid gets enough firepower to support other creators, we'll definitely get some submission guidelines up somewhere.


Creators: What are you thinking?

Who are the creators of Dreamkeepers?
Art & writing are both done in tandem by Dave & Liz - we're a duo.

So, who does what, specifically, on the project?
It's hard to untangle, but here goes: Rough story ideas are brainstormed together, along with character personalities & key phrases. David usually does the script rough draft, aided by notes and quotebooks maintained by Liz. We both work on the editing & revisions from the rough to the final draft of the script. David usually does rough thumbnails for the pages, and then we both do the thumbnail revisions together. David does the pencils with editing from Liz on poses, detail consistency, and camera directions. Once the drawings are layed out with dialogue on the page, Liz (with a little help from the Association of 7) blocks in the flat colors, and David does the shading and lighting. Final tweaks and revisions are done together, again. ...This is why I prefer to just say "We're a duo." So much easier to remember.

Your art style reminds me of _____! Did they influence you?
Heh, I always hear this, and every time there's a different thing filling the blank. There are a lot of good sources out there that have influenced our art style - I'll name a few here, but this is by no means a complete list... Tracy Butler - Lackadaisy. Some of the best cartoon work I've ever seen, anywhere, hands down, writing and art and layout. Jhonen Vasquez - JTHM, Zim, Happy Noodle Boy -well, not Happy Noodle Boy... But his humor and graphic style are fantastically unique. Bill Watterson - I never did get much into comics, until I came across Calvin and Hobbes. One of the finest comics ever made, in my eyes. Tim Burton - Nightmare Before Christmas, other stuff. Geiger - greatest monster designer ever, his creepy sensibilities are dead on. Katsuhiro Otomo - the Akira manga, all those detailed renderings! Toriyama - I was a DBZ fan in highschool, and I loved the imaginative scale of his battle scenes. Brad Bird - the story work he did in The Incredibles was, well, Incr... good. Disney - the expressive quality of some of their animated characters. The 80's - I don't know what it is, but my childhood was in the 80's, and there seems to be some ingrained retro sensibility in DK... Especially influential was the quality traditional animation back then. Compare a good Tiny Toons episode (Yes, wrong decade - silence, you) to the flat crappy flash they manufacture these days... Oh, did I say 'crappy'? I must have meant 'stylized'. Getting off topic, though... There's a slew of inspirations I'm forgetting, not to mention all the great unpublished talent online in the art accounts, but this is all I can remember off the top of my head

So, what else are Dave and Liz into? Any hobbies or odd interests?
When we, someday, take the time to finish our 'About the Creators' site page, you will know all. But that's not a priority at present. Though I should mention we have a cartoon alligator sidekick.


Things not to e-mail us
I've got a great idea for a long-lost brother of Vi, you should have this happen in your story, here's my idea you should totally put this into the next book!
If you e-mail us character and story ideas intended to influence the writing of future books, we have to delete it without reading for legal reasons. Plus to be frank, we're really not interested in unsolicited ideas for changing our story into something else. If you've got an idea you're excited about, please feel free to enjoy it in the realm of fan fiction. But we already have a story carefully planned out that we are in the process of telling. While reader speculation is fun and we're very open to feedback and critique, we're not open to reader creations being incorporated into our work.

Have a question that's not covered here? e-mail us at: dreamkeeperscomic@gmail.com

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