Read creator David Lillie's series of articles about the startling condition and grassroots cure for the comic industry.

Article #1: Comics - the Banished Medium.

Article #2: HPCP - the Infection.

Article #3: Score one for Idiocy (aka the history of comics and how Wall Street honchos ruined everything.)

Article #4: The Creator Revolution.

Article #5: STOP THAT! (Step away from the Internet!)

Article #6: Action - the Road to a New Market.

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Volume 1 Reviews: Indy Comic Review: (ICR), Grovel Review, (Grovel) AICN Review (Scroll down to find it) (AICN), Comics Bulletin (CB), The Charlatan (Charlatan), Library Thing (L), Anthrozine (AZ), From the Tomb (TOMB), Trouble Thinking (TT)

Volume 2 Reviews: Indy Comic Review: (ICR), Grovel Review, (Grovel), AICN Review (Scroll down to find it) (AICN), Library Thing (L) ,From the Tomb (TOMB)

Volume 3Reviews: Indy Comic Review: (ICR), Decapitated Dan (link), Funky Alien (link), Grovel (link),

Articles: SLIS Reading Group 'Bone' comparison (SLIS)

I-Fanboy Spotlight: (Graphicly)

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