Tutorials Gallery
Below are the art tutorials we've created so far. We plan to add more in this gallery eventually. In the meanwhile, we hope that the lessons below are inspiring and helpful!

Then and Now (Youtube): This video introduces David's planned series of video tutorials, and compares his high school art to his current endeavors. Music is copyright to the O.C. Supertones, and KMFDM.
Drawing with Action Lines (Stills): This tutorial goes from concept to finished line drawing, with an emphasis on action lines - the secret ingredient to dynamic poses!
Coloring Overview (Still): Showcasing a panel from 'Volume 2', this tutorial does a quick flyby of how a drawing goes from black and white to finished, shadowed color.
Basic Photoshop Shading (Youtube): Learn how to use Photoshop for adding color and flair to your cartoon / comic line drawing. This basic tutorial introduces concepts like layers, blending modes, adjustment layers, layer masks, and overlays. John Cleese's likeness is used without his permission. ...I would love to be sued by John Cleese.
Make your own Beads: The Harvest Festival beads given out for the annual Halloween Fanart contest can now be yours any time of the year! If you follow these secret instructions... Tips are also useful in figurine sculpting.








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