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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Leokingdom
Gender: Male
Power: Fire Weapon Conjuration: can make blade weapons out of fire (only bladed weapons like daggers,swords and other kinds of blade weapons) Note: Fire weapons stay as long as he holds them, can throw weapons but the smaller the weapon the longer it stays in battle.
District: Talocan: hidden in a Secret area, only close friends of his knows the place.
Affiliation: Ex-Shock Trooper
Quote: "I'm on Fire now! Bring it!"
Motive: To hunt down Nightmares
Allies: A few friends that still work as Shock Troopers that help him in Secret
Enemies: Nightmares and Shock Troopers
About: Outgoing,kind and a good team player, will help anyone in need. Tends to work alone but has friends that always got his back. Use to work for the Shock Troopers until a mission went wrong, half his unit almost got kill by an unknown enemy. Later found out it was nightmares that killed his comrades, mission of that day was kept top secret. Continued working as a shock trooper but later thought it was pointless not knowing his powers to fight against the nightmares. He went off as a wanted wandering hero protecting the weak from nightmares hidden in secret. Shock Trooper chasing him down wanted for having powers, but has close friends that still work as Shock Troopers helping him get away and gaining top secret info and weapons to fight the Nightmares.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 1

Latest Scene: In Making Dreamkeepers! at 6:15am February 9 2013:
Ever since I found out about dreamkeepers and read the storys I always wonder how I would make my own dreamkeeper. It took me a lot to think how it should look and what powers it must have. After weeks of thinking I finally made my own and now I can show it here.