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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Roan

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Gender: Female
Location: On An Adventure
Birthday: July 20 1999
Age: 22
Personal Quote: I didn't hit you. I simply high-fived your face!
About: Hello! My name is Roan! I'm sixteen years old and I live in the United States of America! I'm a natural semi literate or literate role player when I have enough muse to type that much. My replies are usually slow, because I have no working computer right now, which means I'm stuck on my phone!

I'd have to say that I'm a happy-go-lucky girl who would take a bullet for any of my bros. My best friend is Terminal on here, and I prefer to call him my Pecan-Bro. I've got a lot in common with him, and he is my main buddy to help me conquer the world. I've got a lot of friends in my life, and I think it might be a shocker, but when I was in elementary school, I used to be the lame little girl who stuck to her sketch book. Yeah, I'm no straight - student, but I take my time into drawing and writing stories. My main dream is to become an author and an artist.

I've got a lot of friends on here. Mainly Wulfsypder, Evixtus, Alt, Terminal, and TA7638. My other friends you can find in the Headless Room.

I also have a million stories to tell. Mainly they're off of my life and what crazy shindigs I've been through, but feel free to request one.
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