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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Bubz91
Gyaku Darkblood
Gender: Male
Power: Telekinesis
District: Moves around
Affiliation: Outsider
Quote: "Want to live? Then move."
Motive: Honor and Dignity
Allies: His fiance
Enemies: those who hurts the ones he protects
About: though born within the city, he has always found the outside world fascinating, travel great distances, farther than most dreamkeepers would dare to travel. He even went so far as to nearly enter the nightmare city, but was smart enough to leave, not before catching the attention of a few beasts prowling the outside of the city, that was when he discovered his powers, the ability to control things with his mind. since then he has trained himself to have full control of his powers, and now doesn't need to lift a finger to fight should the need arise, he just stands there as his enemies are broken.

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