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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of FerelFiirya
Fiirya, Soulkeeper
Gender: Female
Power: Healing
District: Kojiki
Affiliation: Troika
Quote: "I'm not going to lose you!"
Motive: Seeks to cleanse Ferel of his Nightmarish affliction
Allies: Ferel (in his unpossessed state)
Enemies: Nightmares, especially those within Ferel
About: Fiirya has spent much of her young life learning and practicing the arts of healing and medicine. When her power manifested to enhance her talents, she was quickly recruited to join the Troika where she became a coveted support asset to the organization. Her role was complicated by the arrival of the Dark Dreamkeeper Ferel, who surrendered himself to Troika to seek treatment for a unique affliction - the unwilling host of several various Nightmares within his body and mind.
Sensing a double agent (and an obvious threat to their operations, regardless), the Troika imprisoned and scheduled him for termination until Fiirya intervened. Risking her own life for treason, she vouched for Ferel by proving she could help him contain his Nightmarish possessors. Many Troika remain unconvinced of Ferel's promises of loyalty, but enough superiors were impressed by Fiirya's display of talent and resolve to allow her to continue treating him and to search for a cure to his condition... under tight supervision.

Secondary Character Bio:
Ferel, Prisoner of the Dragon's Mind
Power: Not fully understood - believed to be Pain Endurance/Suppression, though Fiirya's mentor suspects it's only a side effect of his affliction
District: (TBD; maybe Theophanies, haven't decided yet)
Affiliation: Mixed - Troika, suspected Nightmares/Dark Dreamkeepers
Quote: "I am not concerned with my flesh - only my soul."
Motive: Disputed
Allies: Fiirya
Enemies: Nightmares (internal & external), justifiably suspicious Troika

Tortured. Broken. Beaten. Ferel endured pain and agony at his masters' hands for longer than he can remember. For years it was all he knew. One day he began to notice the pain of his wounds and injuries was numbing, replaced by something stronger. He started to hear voices. He saw haunting visions of people he didn't recognize, attacked by horrors strange and familiar. He would wake up covered in blood that was not his own.
Ferel knew he must be going mad. His desire for freedom from his cruel captors became a desperate struggle to control his own body and mind. For many months he fought in vain to break the cycle, until at last he managed to briefly wrest back control at a crucial moment. Awakening with his claws an inch from finishing his possessor's latest prey, he released the maimed victim and fled into the Andurunan night.
The draconic Dreamkeeper had nowhere to turn. Anyone he trusted with his secret might return him to his old masters or kill him to protect themselves, lest they become the next corpse in his wake. Close to deepest despair, Ferel prepared to take his own life when he overheard what might be his only chance: an underground movement called the Troika had recruited a healer of remarkable talent, skilled at mending the gravely wounded and ill.
Could this healer know what was wrong with him? Would they be willing and able to help him? Ferel made his decision. Death at the feet of the Troika was a welcome fate compared to the life of a monster... but perhaps they would be kind enough to help wash the blood off his hands.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 2

Latest Scene: In FACTION WAR: The Trial [MAIN PAGE] at 6:59am February 19 2016:
(Sorry for the delayed decision. Fiirya and a Nightmare-free Ferel wish their fellow Troika/Grunnts success on their quest!)
Nightmare Sanicide joins the fray!

"The last host was not properly broken... We must find one more suitable for us!"