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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of LangShu
Grymus Nightcloud
Gender: Male
Power: Photokinesis (Generation and manipulation of light)
District: Norvondire
Affiliation: Dreamkeepers
Quote: "Fightin' CAN solve problems. It's killin' that worrrsens them."
Motive: Abolish Power Use Prohibition
Allies: Troika (Sometimes)
Enemies: Neons, Nightmares
About: Born to a pair of Dreamkeepers that dealt in ancient artifacts, Grymus was intoxicated by the curiosity of history mysteries at an early age. His family is said to be descended from one of the Dreamkeepers who fought against the Nightmare Legion. Wearing their family name proudly, the Nightclouds are among the few that believe in the Nightmares and their very existence, and are often ridiculed.

Grymus and his family have learned how to use their powers in secret, and his family's view of fighting for what is right earns them even more scorn from others. Despite this, Grymus carries himself as a proud Nightcloud. While a successful successor to his family's artifact dealing trade, he's also an adequate fighter and highly tech-savvy.

His power allows him to emit light and can even use it forcefully as a projectile or strengthen his blows. When in use, his movement is trailed by stardust, like a comet. He often has to shut out everyone at night, because his power is mildly in effect once the sun goes down and isn't very easy to hide.

Grymus has customary canine features, such as his head and his tail. But on the back of his shoulders are 5 ft. wide leather wings, which are triple jointed and can double as a split cape when not in use. For this, his clothes often seemed reversed, having two zippers or buttons rows on the back to allow his wings to slip through. His ears are erected and point outward like a fox, but are sonar on the inside and thus very sensitive.

Given his family history and upbringing, Grymus finds few friends to socialize with outside his family. Despite this, he holds those he cares for in high regard and would lay down his life for them without hesitation. He speaks with a heavy accent resembling the population of the UK highlands.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 1

Latest Scene: In personal character theme songs at 11:46pm October 1 2015:
Grymus Nightcloud (Cyclonized Typhoon - Koei)

Still need Ref Sheet.