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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of TalkedSpy

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Gender: Male
Location: Pleasantville, New Jersey
Birthday: April 4 2000
Age: 18
Personal Quote: One teen vs the world.......seems legit.
About: Greetings to you all on the DK Forums!

My real name is Orlando, but you can call be TalkedSpy on the forums. I'm a 17 year old Junior high school student studying film. I am interested in working on becoming a successful filmmaker as my primary career, but I am also looking into becoming a youtuber and photographer as either part-time jobs or hobbies.

If there’s anything that you want to ask or tell to me at all, you are free and welcomed to ask whenever. Take care!

For any contact info, please send me with either a PM or an email at
I'm online here:

Righteousness, justice, stories, cars, art, etc.
Evil stuff, just, evil stuff.
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