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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of TheDeadlyFB
Zack Morri
Gender: Male
Power: Tendrils
District: Talocan
Affiliation: Himself, the highest bidder, The Troika
Quote: "Give up now, or I will hurt you. A lot."
Motive: To get rich, fight off nightmares, and have a blast doing it.
Allies: His older sister, most Dreamkeepers (as long as they don't have a bounty on them)
Enemies: Nightmares ("I know they're real, damnit!") Dark Dreamkeepers ("You traitors deserve worse than death.") And wanted criminals ("Sorry, but the price for your head is too big to pass.")
About: Appeareance: (Work in Progress)
Wears a black leather jacket and blue jeans, and fingerless gloves.
Black halo with white outline

Age: 26

History: Born and raised in the Talocan district, son of a librarian father and a shock trooper mother, his childhood was a rather unremarcable one, up until his eight birthday, when his father died. Though the guards told them it had been an unfortunate accident, his mother knew the truth: he had been killed by a nightmare.
Shortly after, his mother decided to leave the force to take care of her two sons, and make sure they didn't ended suffering the same fate as her husband.
Ever since then Zack was trained alongside his older sister to learn how to properly use their powers, and how to defend themselves. Though he didn't managed to discover his power, he did learn how to fight on his own, and how to handle weapons.
Around the age of 20, he left his home for good. After having tried many jobs, he decided to take what he feels is his life calling: bounty hunting.
He currently works as a bounty hunter, but he sometimes enjoys acting as a vigilante, tracking and taking down "untargeted" criminals (or Dark Dreamkeepers, if he finds one) whenever the posibility arises.
Even though he lives a rather accomodated life, Zack's tends to spend his hard earned money on frivolous and unnecessary luxuries, so he is usually short of cash.

When on the job, he has a bad habit of making a show out of himself, usually putting
himself and people around him in unnecesary risk. If he does have something to lose though,
expect him to fight dirty, and to resort to anything to win.

Personality: Though laid back and relaxed, deep down he has quite the energetic personality, always ready to jump into action. A bit too brave for his own good, bordering on being reckless (or as his sister puts it, suicidal). But he is usually smart enough to avoid unwinnable fights. He does tends to enjoy the action and violence a bit too much, though.

Power (explained): Can produce black tendrils from any part of his body, as long as there's
enough space for them to appear (for example, they can appear from the palm of his hand, but not from his fingetips.). He can have up to a maximun of six tendrils at the same time. These can be as long as 2,5 meters,
and are strong enough to grab and lift objects far bigger and heavier than him. They also are
hard enough to pierce through most surfaces, provided they aren't too thick. Finally, besides
the obvious combat applications, they are also useful for traveling long distances quickly, as
well as making climbing easier.

Power Limitations: even though he can be using all his tendrils at the same time without getting tired, he sometimes has a hard time using them for diferent things each (he still is not good at multi-tasking).
Also, the tendrils are not impervious, they can be cut or severed by various
means (blades, gun blasts and what not). Besides the pain this causes (they feel like
part of his body), they can grow back instantly, but at the expense of Zack's energy. The most tendrils he can regenerate without fainting is four times.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 60

Latest Scene: In Mistfits of Ruskol - Chaptor 1: New Beginnings at 12:29pm February 20 2016:
(Don't know, guess will have to wait and see if it comes back)