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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of HeroPotato
Rees Wether
Gender: Male
Power: Matter Mold
District: Ruskol
Affiliation: None
Quote: "I mold matter, not minds."
Motive: His friends
Allies: Phase and Lyza
Enemies: Nightmares, The Authorities, Political Giants
About: Without much care for the corrupt world or its greedy inhabitants, Rees is a rather somber fellow. Although fairly good at everything he sets his mind to, he excels in no particular category. As a result, Rees has no personal dreams or aspirations. He only lives to aid his dear friends Lyza and Phase. Rees works endlessly to help them fulfill their goals and protect them from danger. This is a gilded motive, for it may seem selfless, but it is the only way Rees feels satisfaction. He lives through his friends, to save himself from depression.

As a Ruskan, he is expected to be a political figure, like his father.

Rees's power enables him to shape solid matter into whatever he desires. Although he can alter the form of liquids, gases and plasma, these states of matter can't retain their shape. He can channel his ability through a weapon, which allows him to transform his current weapon into something better for the situation. By combining his ability with Phase's ability to change the state of matter and Lyza's power to create an electromagnetic field, they can form a powerful cannon that they named "The Trinity Plasma Cannon".

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 2

Latest Scene: In POWER PLAY at 11:55pm April 14 2013:
Light Blade:

Think of light bikes from Tron, except in the form of a weapon instead of a vehicle. Upon activating the ability, the 'Keeper's weapon has a streak of light that flows behind it. The light can cut anything that a normal sword could. The light is also solid, like light bridges from Portal 2. The length of the light streak is dependent on the energy of the 'Keeper. At anytime, the 'Keeper can deactivate the ability and the light flows back into the blade.