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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Denizen53
Amherst 'Vault' Sycant
Gender: Male
Power: Smoke Manipulation
District: Kittim
Affiliation: O'Naicul's Gang (former), CCA (former), Troika (loosely)
Quote: "You should've thought twice."
Motive: Enjoy life, collect interesting trinkets and the like
Allies: Charc and Aether (ryuu-nekos)
Enemies: A couple black-market dealers, O'Naicul's gang
About: *Grey fur
*Dull orange eyes
*173 Pounds
*19 years old

*'Realistic' equivalent is probably a cat
*Wears a variety of coats and slacks when in Kittim

*Seasoned voice; reference 'Voltaire'
*He 'smokes', but never inhales
*Brings a lighter
*Left hand is operational

Amherst Syncant is a merchant whose main purpose seems to be the perpetuation of illicit trade, whether it be Scinter's Mark or high-caliber rifles. It's how he made his fortune, and he'd be damned if he let the entire market fall apart while sitting idly in his luxurious parlor.

The relative isolation of Kittim, where he lives, makes his job all the easier; his boats, buyers, and sellers never stop by the place, which, if nothing else, lessens the implications placed upon him by authorities. It additionally grants him distance from O'Naicul and his gang.

He had been involved in a sting operation where he traded information on O'Naicul's gang for most incriminating information pertaining to himself to be purged from the system. At the time, it was either jail or snitch, and he chose the latter. O'Naicul marked him as a traitor, and swore that if any gang member saw him again, they would have to kill him or be killed with him.

A few members actively sought him out. They were later found to have suffocated, with traces of charcoal in their lungs; somehow, they had been smoked to death, but there was no fire.

Although he became estranged from his previous friends on the mainland, he continued his trading operations. To protect himself (and his merchants), he adopted a fake name; 'Vault'. It's not a spontaneous pseudonym, however; he does, in fact, own a vault.

It resides just under his house. Within it, he stores the trinkets and whatnot he'd most like to keep.

The door is at the bottom of a stairwell in his backyard, where two ryuu-nekos (Charc, the dark-fire hybrid and Aether the air-plant hybrid) reside. Charc is six feet long, while Aether is only one.

They came with the house; the previous owner was constantly trying to domesticate them, but to no avail. Amherst just let them do their thing, and they generally don't bother each other.

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