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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Denizen53
Amherst Sycant
Gender: Male
Power: Portal Creation / Jumper Gates
District: Kojiki
Affiliation: O'Naicul's Gang (former), Troika (loosely)
Quote: "Don't."
Motive: Protect the homeless ryuu-nekos
Allies: Many ryuu-neko trainers/breeders, a few sporadically located dreamkeepers around Anduruna.
Enemies: Black-market dealers, CCA, a few members of O'Naicul's gang
About: *Blue fur
*Orange eyes
*203 Pounds
*20 years old

*'Realistic' equivalent is probably a cat
*Wears a variety of coats and slacks when in Kittim

*Scratchy voice, mainly from disuse
*Brings his own lighter and watch
*Obsessively keeps the time; incredibly punctual

Amherst Sycant has often been reported for power usage; however, nobody knows what his power is, and he has never been seen with a halo above his head, but he's on the top of CCA's 'Track this one' list.

This is because he has been repeatedly seen in various, far-apart places during almost simultaneous times. Those who know about this speculate that this is because he can teleport, but again, the rumor is unconfirmed. Additionally, he frequently makes appointments in districts far away from each other, and always shows up on time, even a bit early on occasion.

He has a good few friends in the Kojiki district who are mercifully tight-lipped regarding any specifics in his habits and walkabouts.

His home has essentially been reclassified as a sanctuary for lost ryuu-nekos, and as such, is marked officially on the map of the Kojiki district. Many different breeds, both distinct and vague, hang around, some of which weren't even picked up by him, but showed up anyway due to the dense ryuu-neko population there.

Owners occasionally stop by to pick up their ryuu-neko, but depending on how the pet was found, they may be denied (much to their rage and/or disappointment). This has made him just as many enemies of random people as it has friends of ryuu-neko enthusiasts who are privy to the worst cases that he finds.

As for his power, it is essentially an ability to create and sustain portals between any two points. The longer and larger the portals are sustained, the more effort he needs to keep it; should the portal cut off while someone is midway through it, they will be ejected through one side or the other at high velocity by the rapidly closing link.

He can only deploy the 'Entrance' portal within fifty feet of him. The 'Exit' portal may be spawned anywhere (as far as he knows, he has not tried going beyond the districts ever before), but the area must be somewhere that he is distinctly familiar with; as such, the places he opens his portals tend to be incredibly discrete, and in areas where people virtually never go.

Should he be able to see the Exit portal location via a different means, such as a camera, he would be able to make a portal open up in that area as well, even if he was not familiar with it.

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