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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Badept
Nyle Fenner
Gender: Male
Power: Adrenaline Surge
District: Calypsa, born in the Eridu
Affiliation: The Troika
Quote: "Spirits help me. What did I get myself into?"
Motive: Protection of Anduruna and the Dreamworld from the Nightmares.
Allies: The Troika.
Enemies: The Nightmares.
About: Nyle was born in the Eridu Delta to an orchard worker and a foreman. His early life was a healthy mixture of work and play, triply so when his brother and sister were born. Eventually, the three of them were sent to Anduruna to live with their aunt and attend schooling. It was around this time Nyle began aspiring to join the ranks of the shock troopers. After a few years, they completed their schooling and moved on down their respective paths in life, with his sister heading back to the orchard, him making the cut for the shocks after 3 years of standard law enforcement, and his brother moving into politics. He was halfway through his training when the Toll Wars began.

Nyle was part of the second wave of troops sent as reinforcements to the dune sea. What he saw there is something he won't share. It still haunts him to this day. Eventually, he was wounded and shipped back home to Anduruna. By the time he was finally released from the hospital, the Toll Wars had ended and he, along with the rest of his unit, were sworn to silence. Around this point, most of his unit had either been killed in the wars or by their own hands, or had left the shocks altogether. As of the last few years, he’s been doing work in the form of bounty hunting outside of the city, before getting swept into events he wishes he had never touched, and reluctantly joined the Troika, seeing them as one of the few ways he could still “fight the good fight", as he puts it.

Personality: Nyle is somewhat of a cynic, but still has a good heart and good intentions underneath. Despite what he saw in the dune sea, he still sees good in all dreamkeepers, and expects the best out of them, even if he doesn't show it much. Although many dreamkeepers see it as a silly notion, he still practices Sacrare and is a devout believer in the old ways, having had them instilled in him from a young age. Even if he doesn't like what he's gotten himself into, he still thinks that this is the "pilgrimage" the old preacher told him about.

Power: Nyle's power allows him to increase his physical strength and speed to heightened levels, similar to an adrenaline rush. While in his powered state, time moves at a fraction of a pace for him, but in reality, he is moving unnaturally quickly. Extensive usage of his power without rest causes Nyle great fatigue and physical stress, as his body is being worked unnaturally hard and is struggling to keep up.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 143

Latest Scene: In Party down in Talocan at 9:43pm December 14 2015:
Sorry for being gone for so long, people! Exams are finally over.