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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of sporefox1
Anonymous Fox
Gender: Male
Power: Energy Field Control
District: Margat District
Affiliation: Dreamkeeper
Quote: "Anything is possible with the right angle."
Motive: Grew up watching those struggle around him when he was able to find ways to survive and wishes to help those he can where he can.
Allies: No
Enemies: Evil Dreamkeepers, thugs, bandits, and Shock Troopers
About: After being forced to leave his family at a young age due to family trouble he struggled for a time to survive. It didn't take him long to start getting in trouble over a basic meal if he wasn't able to find it freely. For years he moved about the entire city, but spent the most time in the Margat District, helping some of the orphans and other beggers with meals when he could or stop the stray mugging. It's been a hard set of years for him, but thanks to the use of his powers he has managed to survive with more ease than most around him. His use of powers has lead to some incidents with the law enforcement of the city. True a few have died in these encounters, but they were always accidental or unavoidable.

His powers are strongest at night and show in a cobalt blue glow that allow him to shoot bolts of energy from his hands, silently fly to the top of buildings, move through objects, but he can never make himself immune to incoming objects or punches. His fur is black with a white front that is ringed by a thin line of cobalt blue fur which glow when he uses his powers.

He prefers to travel alone and work alone, but he will never turn down the accompany of a friend or stranger and will never refuse to help those who are good and with good intentions.

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