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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Sladerin
Gender: Male
Power: ???
District: talocan
Affiliation: dreamkeeper
Quote: "Intimidation is key"
Motive: his contracts, Will to get by
Allies: Those close.
Enemies: those of ill intent, those to whom he is assigned
About: After thriving for years on end, he went into an occupation of a "legally questionable nature." He accepted contracts of all kinds, hits, robberies, anything that got him by. He used his contract money to purchase a nerve cell prototype to revive his dead tail. He continued to do his work to afford supplies to up the ante, upgrading his tail became top priority. His works soon refused to pay him any more, suspicious of him being a rat, Slade then began a solo line of work, but still accepted contracts. He has little accomplices because he puts his profession before anything else, but exceptions could be made. Dawning a mask and voice changer when jobs are done, no law enforcement nor innocent know of his name, He lives by his policy of "kill those who are deserving, for civvies are not deserving, unless the state hinders progression." Just because he's the bad guy doesn't mean he's a bad man."

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