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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Vermiform
Quoen Thaprotes
Gender: Male
Power: Intuition
District: Talocan
Motive: Spontaneity
About: Born to relatively well-off parents in the Towers, Quoen spent most of his life so far in schools and universities, bored out of his mind. His parents were always just reasonable enough to avoid any significant acts of rebellion, but once Quoen's mother died from a long-term illness she had been suffering from for a few years, he became increasingly dissatisfied with his lifestyle. After finishing his education, and therefore in his mind his obligations to his family, he decided to give it all up to live a more exciting life on the streets of Talocan. He makes his living dumpster-diving, scavenging, minor theft, or doing odd jobs for various people, living in abandoned buildings or camping unnoticed on roofs and in alleys. He never intentionally used powers, and isn't sure what his are, but once or twice, he narrowly avoided almost certain catastrophe, because he just somehow knew exactly what to do at the right time, having unnatural confidence in his gut feelings, reflexes, or intuition. He's not sure, but he could have sworn he saw a glow in the upper edge of his vision in those cases.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 8

Latest Scene: In New RP discussions/ideas. at 4:26pm February 25 2015:
Someone should do an RP based on the desert bandits, enough blank spaces to allow for a lot of creativity. Also, deserts are my favorite setting, and bandit is my favorite profession. (They're the pirates of the ground!)