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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of FelGrey
Fel Grey
Gender: Male
Power: Kinetic energy storage and release
District: Ruskol
Affiliation: None/free thinker/neutral
Motive: Works for balance in the world, wether Dark or Light.
Allies: none (as of yet)
Enemies: none (as of yet
About: A quiet male of the Ruskol district. Raised in a neighborhood where classism and animosities borne of religious differences ran rampant. His only surviving family during his childhood was his mother, a spiritualist who was particularly shunned and oppressed by those around her. He grew to despise ignorance and animosities borne of subjective viewpoints. He corrects closemindedness when he can, preferably with wit and discussion. However, when young this brought about many problems for him. He found that his powers assisted in many ways. Explosive movement allowed him easy, quick escape. Or, barring that, fast and brutal deterrent to further violence.

He now goes about his life, trying to quietly urge tolerance and prevent discrimination from the backround of his daily routines.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 69

Latest Scene: In shadows of Calypsa- IC at 4:09am June 17 2014:
Fel screamed in rage and terror, struggling and bucking against his restraints violently. Not caring about his broken bones, he fought desperately to get free.