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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Canthui
Gender: Male
Power: Forget
District: Calypsa
Affiliation: none
Quote: "I find it's extremely rare to find someone who thinks like I do..."
Motive: To have fun
Allies: none, as of yet.
Enemies: none, as of yet.
About: About:
Whezley looks like something between a cat and a lizard. His skin is dark grey and has blue hair and eyes.

He mostly sticks to himself, but doesn't mind if a friend wants to be around. When he gets bored he likes to learn how to do something new, read, or create something. He has a friendly disposition and will greet anyone with a smile. He is almost always up for an adventure... as long as it doesn't include too many people. It is very hard to make him angry even if one knows how to annoy him. Whezley also enjoys scaring people he knows.

When Whezley activates his power anyone he directs his attention to within eight feet that he can see will forget that Whezley exists. They will no longer acknowledge his presence or remember anything about him until Whezley either touches them or someone else directs the affected person's attention to Whezley.

If someone is already touching Whezley, his power will have no effect on them.

Whezley's halo is neon blue.

Whezly has lived his in Calypsa his whole life thus far. He was raised with two other siblings in a decent home and now lives on his own by one of the many riverbanks. He works at the local library and hopes to be a writer some day.

So far Whezley has only used his power three times. He is still not sure how he makes it happen, but he is familiar with what it does.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 54

Latest Scene: In shadows of Calypsa at 8:27pm June 11 2014:
I'm not sure, Whatever you think is best for the story I guess.