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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of dargonbloodmoon
Gender: Male
Power: black & white flames.
District: Calypsa
About: This power is made of energy for the user to protect himself and slay his emeny
and his firends emeny. Dargon has learn how to use his power by watching his own
family die before him by a nightmare, after the bloodshad, his power was release
out of pure rage and revenge to slay the beast, but only to regret it after
having to turn his house into a carter.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 7

Latest Scene: In shadows of Calypsa- IC at 8:37pm May 12 2014:
(sorry im late)

Dargon was surprized that someone had come up to him and told him that he was frame for murder. 'is that the same murder as before' Dargon thought. will that would explain the stock troopers pointing at him and heading his way. so beliving that follow the figure was his best shot to getting away from the Stock's. Dargon quickly move in to the alley and going wherever he goes from now on. hoping that this is not a trap.