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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of SerafinoDragonTamer
Kiaran Ma-Item
Gender: Male
Power: Shadowkinesis
District: Drifter/Kojikian
Affiliation: Neutral/Paragon
Quote: "I shall present your soul to Serapis..."
Motive: Personal Code
Allies: Twin Brother
Enemies: Two Ex-Girlfriends, One Ex-Friend
About: Height: 6'3" (with wings folded: 7'9")
Tail Length: 6'
Hobbies: Building/Customizing Rifles and various other weapons, fermentae, stargazing, flying, cooking

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 1

Latest Scene: In FACTION WAR: The Trial [MAIN PAGE] at 5:27pm February 17 2016:
The Trial is ruthless. Held on a legendary island in the Alchera Ocean, said to have been raised during the ancient Nightmare wars to train Dreamkeepers, the Trial pits victims against dangers that even Nightmares would cower before.

Once lost to time, the Trials have risen again. You and your team have been taken from the relative safety of your Faction. You awake in a dark room with a lit door and a thick envelope and three suicide pills.

Are you brave enough to open the envelope?

Or will you take the easy way out?

Factions! Pick your teams and comment your usernames below along with your respective faction.

The first faction to post their three champions gets rewarded.

The last faction to post their three champions gets punished.

Best of Luck. All Faction wide updates are posted here.

~ Reagent
~ Joeden
~ Tex


~ Javelin
~ ZycantAlpha

~ Sukotto
~ Sanicide
~ TheDeadlyFB