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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of TA7638
Jack Sova Alyosha "Sov"
Gender: Male
Power: 'Desert Mirage'
District: Norvondire.
Affiliation: Safety Troopers.
Quote: "The hero is the one who acts even when they have something to lose."
Motive: Unspecified.
Allies: Safety Troopers.
Enemies: Unspecified.
About: Physical appearence.
Somewhat resembling a sphinx, Sov is a puma with eagle like wings.
His eye color is brown and the short hair on his head is a chocolate brown.
His fur color is that of a standard puma, a sandy brown/tan with an almost white chest.
His tail ends in a lion like tuft, and is unusually long.
His wings are a dark brown, almost black, and are just big enough to grant him limited flight, though they are almost always folded on his back.
His Halo color is a dark red.
When not on duty and wearing the standard safety trooper uniform, Sov prefers a pair of homemade pants which are a hybrid of jeans and cargo pants and are dark blue in color. He also wears a solid black short sleeve shirt and a pair of dark tan shoes.


Sov prefers a light loadout, especially when not on a 'standard' mission. He usually carries a compact springer pistol in a chest holster under his shirt, and if possible a springer carbine for more distant engagements.

Born in the Norvondire district, sov's father was a safety trooper and his mother worked at home. His job was pretty much decided at birth, he would become a safety trooper like his father.

He grew up mainly by himself, though his mother primarily worked at home she was often gone on business trips and his father was gone most of the day.

As a child Sov spent his spare time tinkering and building things instead of interacting with the other children. Sov graduated school with above average grades in science and history, but normal grades in everything else.

Upon graduating Sov joined the safety troopers and immediately stood out. He was an above average shot and used his engineering skills to great effect when his team would get into a difficult situation.

His father would not live to see him graduate training as he was killed during a raid on a group of power users. His mother mysteriously disappeared soon after, Sov having no idea what happened to her.

In the following years Sov would steadily climb the ranks and eventually be selected for undercover jobs, something which he would prove to be surprisingly good at. Currently he does both undercover and 'normal' missions.

Power. "Desert Mirage"
Sov's power is a unique form of invisibility.
When activated his dark red halo appears and he turns completely transparent, unfortunately so does everything behind him in a short distance. His halo also disappears after a short distance.
His power is best used at long distances and outdoor environments, while a small dip in the top of a sand dune or a missing edge of a bush may not attract attention, a hole in the side of a building surely will.

Miscellaneous info.
His favorite colors are gold, black, and red.
His favorite numbers are seven, six, and thirty-eight.
Though he has wings Sov prefers to walk and almost always has his wings hidden under his shirt.
Sov would fill the role of a 'sapper' or combat engineer.
He prefers to go by his middle name, Sova, albeit shortened to just Sov.

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Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 56

Latest Scene: In Darkness Falls OOC at 1:38pm January 16 2014:
So...anyone had anything interesting happen recently? I've got the flu which sucks but atleast its given me time to work on my aircraft projects. I got to sit in the gunner seat of an Mi-24 at an airshow. *Looks around* Is anyone still alive?