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Gender: Male
Location: In the basement, fighting the cricket overlords
Birthday: December 1 1993
Age: 27
Personal Quote: When all is gone, you'll find the truth. You'll also find potatoes. Those things will grow anywhere.
About: You want to know about Me?

Let's talk about me for a smidge.

My name is GORKVNW LHSD. Huh...that's odd. Let me try that again. My name is IUGGSOE HGFJ. Well, it seems you don't get to learn my real name. I shall be mysterious. *Cue maniacal laughter* Anyways, You may refer to me as Terminal, Term, My lord, Exalted One, and Great Ablah-blah-blah.

I am also known to Roan as her Pecan-Bro. She is my Pecan-Bro also. Unless you are Roan, you don't get to call me that. No. Bad. Don't make me get the spray bottle!

Anyways, I'm a real chillaxed guy. I am crazy, random and fun to chat and hang out with. Feel free to send me an E-mail or something using the links down below. My hobbies include drawing, Rping (obviously), and enjoying nature and the technological world.

I am 23, and currently working full time in glass production.

SO yeah, feel free to talk to me in an Rp, in the OOC threads, or by my email.

Stay Crazy.
I'm online here:

Video Games
Lack of Food
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