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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of joeden
Ollow and jamie Hellsing
Gender: Male
Power: Super strength and angel of death
District: Margate District
Affiliation: The Guild, Shadow knaves
Quote: "I`m hungry tired and i think someone is following me"
Motive: To live
Allies: The Guild, Shadow knaves.
Enemies: nightmares, crimelords and those that wish him harm
About: what they look like (

History: Ollowís earliest memories are in an Orphanage and not a friendly one either the caretakers had usually ignored him and everyone else. After seven years of living in the hellhole of a place, Ollow managed to escape during a thunderstorm and through sheer luck get far enough away. He refused to be put in another Orphanage, that he avoided authorities and gangs, along with everyone he saw. He however wonders what happened to his family and why he was put in such a horrible place. Most of the time he fears that something horrible will find him, and usually changes where he sleeps every night in attempts to avoid whatever that catastrophe might be coming for him.

History: When Jamie was thirteen his house caught and he felt he had to rescue his baby brother. He ended up making it to his brotherís room finding it empty, thinking fast he ran for the nearest exit, and barely made it out alive, but left him with a traumatizing fear of fire. After some traveling, he ended up joining the shocks and excelling in martial arts. After a few small events and a drug bust, where he took out six guys coming out almost unscathed, he was moved to a Special Forces unit at the age of seventeen, where he quickly gained reputation for his upstanding services. After a year, he was known as the Calvary for pulling off a mission that seemed impossible for a single person to do and it landed him in the hospital for a month. He later ended up getting an assignment that led him to dig up cretin things that said, he went to deep into the wrong places and was set up. He went on a routine mission take out small time crime syndicate in some abandoned building. Going in his whole team was wiped out but he managed to survive the initial attack only to have the building come down while trying to flee. What happened next, he really didnít remember all that much, he just remembered he was blacking out as a figure grabbed and pulled him to safety. Waking up he found himself in a place where people he knew looked at him hostilely. After some time he ended up learning that he was dead, well dead in the media and Shock troopers sense of view, he found his life to be a sort of an enigma. Sitting in the room he was provided; he tried to wrap his mind around this unable to process events, almost leading to a state of depression. That he was only able to avoid thanks to his cousin who had comforted him through this Nightmare. He was finally able to piece himself back together and had set himself on a mission to find out what happened to his brother and family. He also dose work for the group he is now with which is ironically a rebellion group quietly working its way into a steady position a group he would have been tasked with bringing to justice, but times change.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 3407

Latest Scene: In Looking For A Story (I know the forums are dead, but what the heck) at 5:35pm April 15 2018:
Walking towards the Diner Jamie grabbed his long black coat and pulled it tighter, he didn't want to be out this late but the job he finished took a little longer. Some people didn't have the decency to just drop over dead. Underneath his jacket he wore black pants and a white undershirt his tie loosened and he had a few dirt marks from the job and a bruised eye. He was a six foot tall black and gray wolf with red stripes in his hair. Noticing the diner he was a bit hungry and had "acquired" and stepped inside grabbing a seat near the back away from the people taking a menu be began reading through his options.