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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of ListenLoudly
Gender: Male
Power: Empathy and weak suggestion
District: Theophanies
Quote: "My tail doesn't trust you."
Motive: To be accepted as he is.
Allies: Three sisters and his tail
Enemies: Three sisters and his tail
About: Spurgeon is an outlandishly tall, lanky, lizard-based DK. He has an long thin prehensile tail that seems to have a mind of its own. It often snatches up random bits of things off the ground. When Spurgeon discovers this, he keeps these items for later use in his found-art projects, unless they're edible. His skin is able to change to a variety of colors and patterns, but he currently has about as much control of his chameleon abilities as he does his tail. As a result, his skin usually matches his thoughts and feelings, so that he cannot help but show his heart on his sleeve. And by sleeve, I mean his entire body.
One thing that Spurgeon feels capable of handling is climbing. He can traverse almost any terrain, no matter how steep. It is the only task that his tail will cooperate with, and he feels a certain thrill when he is able to conquer some new tall thing, and a certain freedom when he is able to escape any situation. He doesn't have sticky pads (like Namah), only strong, chameleon-like fingers and of course his extremely capable tail.

Though he spent much of his childhood embarrassed by his clumsiness and strangeness, he has grown to find ways to capitalize on these traits. Most people find him to be odd, but humorous, clever, and pleasant to be around. At times he can become moody and pessimistic, especially when he remembers that the people who currently find him intriguing are the same kind of people who once mocked him.

Power: Spurgeon cannot read minds. Minds are not books that can be read. But he can feel what others are feeling, and sense the presence of others at a distance without seeing them. If he were to hone his skills, he would find himself able to feel the minds of others in a much more definite way, even to the point of being able to predict their next move. He would also be able to preform a kind of mild suggestion; he could confuse people's minds and even make it seem like he had disappeared. However, once Spurgeon discovered his power, he became opposed to ever using it, and not because it's illegal. He feels like the minds of others impose upon his own and drive out his own thoughts and individuality. He feels overwhelmed by the vivid presence of so many others, so he avoids using his power once he's discovered it.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 20

Latest Scene: In Making Dreamkeepers! at 12:43pm March 10 2013:
Oh man Esayo, you blew my mind. Very simple, very subtle, very awesome.
I especially liked the narrative building up thematically to create her power. Freaking perfect. Also freaking tragic. She killed her brother after his story got her furious, AND SHE IMAGINED THE STORY HE TOLD. Tragic.