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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Esayo
Gender: Male
Power: Warping
District: Ruskol-born, prone to travel
Affiliation: Dark Dreamkeeper
Quote: "That's just my two-cents. Two-cents never made anyone rich now, did it?"
Motive: Mal has no clear or defined motive, he seems to act without a care in the world, however hidden beneath it all is an air of unsettling apathy for life in general.
Allies: By affiliation, the Nightmares, and other Dark Dreamkeepers, however his deceptive nature often lands him in circles of dreamkeepers.
Enemies: By affiliation, dreamkeepers, however he often finds himself within their circles, and usually forgets what side he was brought into to begin with.
About: Malakai was born under shady circumstances. His mother was raped by a dark dreamkeeper, leaving her with the child. Shortly after the birth, she died of complications, and Malakai was left in the care of a close family.
Death followed him, however; soon afterwards his father returned, taking him away and killing his foster parents.
He raised and trained the boy, and when Malakai came of age, he took his place among the deceptive order of dark dreamkeepers.
Often he acts oblivious to this fact, and finds himself constantly drifting into the society of normal dreamkeepers.
It isn't lying. It's simply...forgetting the truth.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 2175

Latest Scene: In Children of the Night - OOC at 11:13am May 31 2014:
We're here for ya man, of course.