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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Marcus
Marqus DuQurei
Gender: Male
Power: Aura Energy
District: N/A
Affiliation: Good/Neutral at times
Quote: "Id rather die with enemies than to live with friends"
Motive: To accomplish what he thinks is right, no matter what other people think
Allies: Anyone he can trust
Enemies: Backstabbers, Manipulists, Liars
About: Age:15


Wieght:136.4 lbs

His father always believed in equality through spiritual means. So he was trained to use his spirit energy -Aura- for self protection and for good. His father was asked to be a Dreamkeeper but he refused; he belived in a more straight-foward path.

At the age of 12, Marqus came from school to witness his father's asssassination. It wasnt a regular theif but a nightmare, sent to kill the potential Dreamkeeper. Using his newfound rage, he unlocked the power to vanquish the Nightmare.

As he held his father in his arms, his aura flowing into him to live on within him, his hatred for the Nightmares never faded.

Marqus' personality changed from happy-go-lucky to self-pertained and slient, almost completely anti-social. His temper can be flared quite easily at the mention of his ancestors or his father; which is why he stays away from everyone.

He prefers hand-to-hand combat, but is a quick learner, using his aura as his sixth-sense to record and observe patterns and breaking through his enemies defence.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 4

Latest Scene: In Making Dreamkeepers! at 7:08pm March 5 2013:
Wow...I am so set back by how briliant these dreamkeepers are!! :D

If you guys want I'd love to introduce mine ^^