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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of Tempest
Zhang Devangel
Gender: Male
Power: Bioelectromagnetism manipulation and transformation
District: unknown
Affiliation: good
Quote: "well.. not dead yet"
Motive: regaining his lost memoriesof his 7th year
Allies: anybody whos willing to fight for whats right, no matter the odds
Enemies: bullies of any kind
About: I'm the definition of Procrastination.. gimme a bit so I can do this later

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 6

Latest Scene: In Introducing the Doctor at 6:42pm March 15 2013:
well... to be truthful, the Doctor DOES go through very different character based mood changes... i dont know about the first 8 doctors, but the 9th doctor was the comical coward, the 10th doctor was the brilliant brainiac who just loved solving questions (also known for having a "thick skull" lol ) and the new 11TH doctor is just... well... nutty...