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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of blackhole
Gender: Male
Power: Directional Forcefield
District: Kojiki
Affiliation: Chaotic Good
Quote: "There is nothing I hate more than a bully."
About: Erik is a rabbit with a distinct love for programming data-scrolls. His strong sense of morality and intense opposition to authority led him to the Troika at a young age. He assists them with data collection and digital espionage when he is not preoccupied with being incredibly sarcastic.

His power is directional forcefield generation, which enables him to project a flat forcefield in any direction. This forcefield is usually circular with tapered edges, so the "edge" is soft and rubbery instead of sharp. Its natural shape is a partial sphere surrounding the rabbit, but can be deformed in a variety of shapes and sizes, at a significant focus cost. The forcefield has a natural radius of 10 cm - making it larger decreases its potency proportional to the increase in surface area. Making it smaller requires additional focus, which also reduces its potency. The overall strength of the forcefield is propotional to how intensely the power is used, and is capable of stopping most bullets for a short period of time with a radius of nearly half a meter at full power (specifically bullets with less than 1500 joules of kinetic energy - a karate kick has 450 joules).

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