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Dreamkeepers Forums - Profile of DigitalBrave3
Brendan "BB" Brev
Gender: Male
Power: Unknown
District: The Talocan District
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Quote: "Screw this, I'm gonna go watch sh!t on my data scroll!"
Motive: None
Allies: None
Enemies: None
About: Brendan Brev (prefers to be called BB) is a 16-year old lazy @$$hole who just sits around watching dumb sh!t on his data scroll all day! He doesn't do his schoolwork at all, either. He says that if you take his data scroll from him, he will enter a blinding rage that may end in disaster, but the worst that happens is that he yells at you. Nobody likes him. Could he maybe discover his power someday? Who the hell really knows, tbh. He also doesn't want to get arrested. Nobody really cares, honestly.

Roleplay History:

Total RP posts: 0