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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Dawonguy10/21/15 2:22pm
@Lycanphoenix: Yes, Randy is allied with the dark DKs in the GNS, but not necessarily in the prelude.

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CJ4/24/16 8:54pm
I've got an idea...
I was browsing DeviantArt looking at Dreamkeepers art when I came across a beautiful Mace and Namah pic:
I ship them, so I really liked the picture. But then I got to reading the comments down below and saw where they were talking about character relationships and shipping, when someone mentioned Dave saying that there WAS going to be a homosexual character. They started talking about how it was going to be Lilith, but I started thinking on evidence regarding a possible homosexual character (I'm not counting in possibility of pan-sexuality or anything similar):
- Mace obviously likes Lilith
- Bast, also, likes Lilith
- Namah likes Bast
- Lilith, now that I think, has a couple things about her that could go either way
- She needed advice on how to ward away boys, thinking kissing was gross (now this might be that phase we all go through as kids thinking kissing is gross
- She also blushed when Bast asked her out to the Harvest Festival (this might be she finds him attractive, or it could be she finds him finding her attractive cute and a compliment)'s my own thinking...
Evzen was dared by Randy to kiss Lilith...he kept trying and trying but didn't fight when Liltih told him to stop...he also hangs around with two tomboyish girls (Jeneviv and Kalei) and sees them as his only best friends...and when Lilith wanted to talk with him about how he REALLY felt, Evzen got flustered and ran off...
MY thinking is that Randy had to DARE Evzen to kiss Lilith and he reacted to her question to vividly is because...
Evzen is gay.

As a Christian, I cannot in good conscience approve of this. But, it's just a fictional story comic, so whatever.

But homosexuality is a sin, so repent and believe the Gospel.

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Prometheus4/27/16 9:39pm

Those are some fair assessments, I would say. However, I think we should also consider that maybe Evzen comes from a very good and considerate upbringing. It might be he won't go through with the bet because he is tired of being a problem for Lilith and won't let himself be pushed around by the likes of Randy.

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CJ4/28/16 5:38am

It's only a theory.
I see your idea as the at-face-value side of the story, like of course that's the first thing that comes to people's minds when they see the Randy/Evzen conflict. I see my idea as a possible deeper reasoning behind the conflict, like Randy will continuously make fun of Evzen behind his back and spread his secret among the school, making his life Hell. know how bullying works...
Both of these are possible, and I am seriously trying to type this without making it seem like I'm an asshole.

Speaking of assholes, I was rereading the #299 - #396 storyline and came across the Ringleader comic. This is what Randy told Evzen when he said he hadn't kissed Lilith yet:
"Then you're losin' the bet! That makes you a CERTIFIED ball licker, ya know! It's like, proof that your whole life basically blows!"
Then again, when Evzen brushes it off Randy turns to calling him a quitter and someone who doesn't hold up his bargains...

Well...I don't know. We won't know until we see proof either way. I heard that Evzen was going to make an appearance in Graphic Novel Volume 5, so hopefully we'll get some answers or maybe just some stuff to bounce theories off of like I am now.

Again, I hope I don't seem like an asshole.

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Dudepon9/2/16 1:11am
Thread, I resurrect thee!

How do you pronounce Evzen's name? I can't figure it out; on one hand, it seems like it'd be "Ev-Zen", but that's extremely awkward to pronounce, leading me to think that it's wrong. "Ev-Zin" is a little easier to say, but silencing either the V or Z would make it much easier, although the V's probably not silent seeing as how his nickname is "Ev". So... would that mean that it's pronounced "Evan"? If so, then what's the Z for?! Or maybe you're supposed to slur the V and Z together...?

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Thegunner189/2/16 4:17am
I always pronounced it like "EV-zuhn", but with the second syllable being softer and not harsh like the "-un" sound from "Grunn". It's hard to explain since I can't think of an actual word that has that kind of sound, but it's like if you relax your throat/voice box a bit more when you say it.

Not sure if that actually made any sense or anything, but I thought I'd try!

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Dudepon9/2/16 6:31am
That makes sense! The best comparison that I can think of is to names ending with -son, like Johnson or Edison; much less emphasis is placed on the last syllable than on the first.

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Thegunner189/2/16 6:37am
Yeah that is definitely a good way of putting it, and sounds pretty much just like I was trying to explain. So, problem solved I guess :D

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Kymastrider9/24/16 8:35am
This is actually an EVZEN/RANDY topic, though I couldn't really decide weather to put it in the Evzen or the Randy thread.

First here's the two strips they appear together in, in the prelude.

So we already can guess Randy came from a wealthy family background. Though if Randy's Dad and Evzen's dad were business partners. How much would you want to bet that Evzen and Randy knew each other outside the tower academy?

Also it's suggested that Evzen was actually transferred to the Tower Academy recently. So is it possible that Evzen and his family lived somewhere else before living in the Towers? Since it's suggested that Evzen's father is in the shipping business it's possible that Evzen's family is originally from the margate district.

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Prometheus9/24/16 5:38pm
If Evzen and his family are from outside Sabbaton and in the trading business, then his parents must have earned enough to send Evzen to the academy with the rest of the rich kids. As for Randy and Evzen knowing each other before now, that's hard to say. If Evzen is relatively new, he would not have known Randy long. Knowing Randy, he and his boy posse have probably been treating Evzen like dirt since day one because of how new he is to the rich lifestyle compared to the rest of them. That's probably how Evzen has gotten to know him.

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